Problem opening Outlook Express

  ribo 19:04 22 Jan 2007

Can anyone help me please,
I can open O/E under normal cirmcumstances, my problem arises when I send a picture using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. This allows you to decrease the size of the picture for sending.
The email with the picture is sent ok but after it has been sent,I cannot open Outlook Express. When I click on the icon the egg timer shows for a fraction of a second and then nothing happens. Alt/Ctrl/delete shows no programs running,yet when I come to restart I get the message "ending program".
I have tried opening the prog. using mailwasher,the shortcut icon, and actually in the program folder.
I have tried (1) System restore,but do not know how long this problem has beeen there. 2) reinstalling O/E. I get message "outlook express already on comp.cannot go any further"
(3) Ran a sfc. (4) uninstalled IE 7.
Any thoughts anyone? Thanks J

  skidzy 19:10 22 Jan 2007

If you have rolled back to IE6,try this fix click here does not work with IE7

Has the picture actually been sent or is it sending still ?

It may be possible the email is stuck,try logging on via the webhomepage and remove the sent email.

  skidzy 19:12 22 Jan 2007

Oops just a thought,forget my last statement.I dont think the sent emails from OE can be deleted from the webbased collection as they may not show.

  ribo 19:37 22 Jan 2007

Thanks for your help.
I have just tried the IE fix with no success.I still cannot open O/E after sending a photo using Windows P & F viewer.
The picture is actually sent ok.It comes up in mailwasher. But I can neither open O/E using mailwaher or on its own.
I do not think malwasher is the problem,because the same thing occurs when I bypass it and try to open O/E. Any further help will be greatly appreciated. J

  ribo 10:25 23 Jan 2007

Can anyone else help me please. This only occurs when I send the email with the picture, using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. I can open O/E ok when I send the picture using "Attach" in the O/E program (only you have to make sure you have reduced the size,whereas Windows aks you to do this) and O/E opens ok when I send the email using Picassa.So perhaps it is Windows Picture and Fax Viewer that is the problem,but how can I fix it? Thanks J

  ribo 12:35 23 Jan 2007


  ribo 16:40 25 Jan 2007

Do not know if anyone is interested in knowing how I have managed to work round this problem.
If I untick "send message immediatly" from the options menu in Outlook Express, the program opens ok after sending a photo.It means I have to the click on "Receive mail" to download the message.
Obviously Windows Picture & Fax Viewer has nothing to do with it. J

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