Problem with one Laptop on Home network

  Demora 17:08 31 Jan 2008

My desktop can see all the connections on our home net. BUT Try and access one laptop and its a no go.

The laptop in question can access all the other pcs though.

Most are using Kerio firewall. all file sharing has been enabled (and printers)

I even turned the firewall off on said laptop and that doesn't work either.

I'm missing something somewhere but I don't know what.



  Ashrich 17:47 31 Jan 2008

Did you try disabling the firewall on the PC that is trying to access the laptop , just to take it out of the equation ? If the laptop is running XP or Vista , is the built in firewall also disabled as well as Kerio , Windows sometimes has a habit of turning it on even when another is there .


  Demora 17:51 31 Jan 2008

Main PC is XP Pro laptop is XP home. Turned all firewalls off. Even windows.


  Demora 23:22 31 Jan 2008

\I removed all firewalls from the 2 offending PCs and re set the home network up but still the desktop (XP Pro) wont connect to my laptop. works the other way round and desktop can see nmy 2 daughters pc and access the shared folders.

File sharing and printer sharing is switched on. all.

Has to be something in the desktop needing changing but I'm lost as to what.



  Demora 13:37 01 Feb 2008

Started off again this morning and found that also another laptop on network isn't accessing the new one.

New one can send files to others but I just can't get to access the shared folder on the new one from any other pc.

Even the vista laptop is working fine.

All the settings are correct, firewalls off done everything I can think of.

There has to be something hidden that I'm missing here.

The wireless router/modem is ok (netgear N) MAC addresses are all there.



  Ashrich 20:08 01 Feb 2008

I am wondering whether a network component on the XP home laptop is damaged , the shared folder at least should show up , are any other files or folders set for sharing on it ? Is Windows managing the laptop network ( assuming it is wireless ) if Windows isn't , try letting it ...and if it IS wireless , have you tried it wired ?


  Demora 15:08 02 Feb 2008

Hi Ashley.

Its fixed.

A few weeks ago I had to reinstall winxp over the top of the existing O/S and what I hadn't done was to refresh my 'View workgroup computers' on my desktop pc. My daughter pointed this out and all is now working fine.

Thanks for the pointers though.


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