Problem with this old computer

  L85A1_marksman 19:29 24 Jun 2006

right i'm at my mums and she is a bit of a techniphobe and this computer is dreadfully slow.
I went to shut it down (as she always leaves it on) as it was saying it had insuficiant memory to carry out any tasks i was trying to do like open the internet for example, so closed it down and it was taking ages so i manually shut it down with the power button and when i rebooted it it came up with an error when doing the scan it does when you don't shut the computer down properly, so i ran a scan disk and it gets up to the point of checking the files then starts from the beggining and keeps repeating this process now i looked at the memory and it seems to think that none of the 2 gig (yes it is that old) is being used up, i'm currently running the disk defragmentor to try and get a bit more space but something is up with this computer and she's not too keen on getting a new one yet.. any help on how to get the scan disk to fix the errors or other software to hopefully get it back into acceptable state will be much apperciated and if i havn't said it's running on windows 98 second edition and is a Unika (eurgh :P)


  SANTOS7 19:40 24 Jun 2006

"i looked at the memory and it seems to think that none of the 2 gig" Be an idea to post how much memory it really has, 98se limited to 512Mb, 768 at a push but will only utilise about 300-320mb

  Diemmess 20:02 24 Jun 2006

Before attempting Defrag it is better to disable or close all running programs including AV and Firewall.
Even then, Defragmenting will run much more reliably if you start in safe mode.

[RAM memory as SANTOS7 says should not exceed 512 for Windows 98

Hard disk capacity (memory) puts the birth of this computer way back in time if it is only 2GB, but that is enough provided regular housekeeping is done. The hard disk is the main store which is being sorted out, but the RAM is a temporary store much used during Defrag]

  SANTOS7 20:09 24 Jun 2006

I have just reread the thread and i have mistaken the memory for what is the HDD capacity so my comment does not really apply.
there was similar prob when useing scan disk with ME it was DISC-WRIGHT or the likes which is basically a prog still useing the HDD as you scan causing conflict.
Diemmess is on the right track, I'll get me coat..

  wee eddie 20:17 24 Jun 2006

to close down the Screen Saver. Best set it to None. Turn off the Energy Saving Function on the VDU.

Obvious things like deleting the Temporary Internet Files and emptying the Recycle Bin, and removing any other assorted rubbish, will help before the clean-up.

If she has some versions of Norton Utilities, you may have difficulty with the Windows ones.

Run Scan Disk before you run a Defrag.

Be prepared to wait for several hours!

  Diemmess 20:20 24 Jun 2006

Scandisk checks for HD trouble, defrag rearranges things to be tidy once more. Same rules apply though. Try it using safe mode.

If when running Scandisk you get increasing numbers of bad sectors and real difficulty in completing the excercise, this is one sign of impending hard disk failure!
High time to transfer any really important data somewhere safe (even floppy disks) so that it is not lost forever.

  L85A1_marksman 20:39 24 Jun 2006

ok thanks i will try this and oh dear hard disk failure? better warn them then and yea norton was on here but i got rid of it as it was such a pain in the arse, right will get back to you later if it works!

  woodchip 20:54 24 Jun 2006

For Windows 98 first go to Windows Explorer\Windows\Temp and delete all that's in the folder. Go up to Cookies and Delete all in the folder You cannot delete Index.dat. Then as above, Start in Safe Mode and Run first Scandisk then Defrag

  wee eddie 21:50 24 Jun 2006

Just in case

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