Problem with new RAM

  Ptolemy 12:25 06 Feb 2009


I recently posted here asking which of two Crucial options I needed for new RAM click here

Following the information in the answer I have ordered and now received 2 GB.

The new RAM sticks, however, are clearly incompatible as the little slot is physically in a different place to my current RAM sticks.

Can anyone tell me if this an error by Crucial or duff info from the responder, and does anyone know if Crucial have a good returns policy?


  Clapton is God 12:33 06 Feb 2009

Rather than trying to accuse the responder of "duff info" have a look at Crucial's returns policy click here

You'll find that, in general, all answers from members are given in good faith on these Forums.

  Ptolemy 12:45 06 Feb 2009

Clapton is God, I think you misunderstand my question.

I am asking if it's possible Crucial have dispatched the incorrect component or if the advise is incorrect. I don't believe I am accusing anyone of anything and I don't doubt that all answers are given in good faith.

To say something that is wrong is wrong is not intended to be a personal insult. If Cream's info is incorrect I know what my next step is.

If someone could explain what the difference is between the two RAM options and how one can determine the correct choice it would be appreciated.

  DieSse 12:47 06 Feb 2009

As far as I can make out, the motherboard with the Via 8237 chipset is actually this one

Biostar K8M800 Micro AM2

Support Dual Channel DDR2 533/667 MHz
2 x DDR2 DIMM Memory Slot
Max. Supports up to 2GB Memory

(see this link) click here

Which Crucial say is this RAM (your first link on the original post) click here

So it looks like the info you were given is correct.

However there are several Biostar K8M800 motherboards, and the description you initially gave was not the manufacturers description of any of them.

So please cross check the exact motherboard type - preferably visually, and confirm.

Does the RAM you received match the crucial description on their page?

  Clapton is God 12:52 06 Feb 2009

"how one can determine the correct choice"

Try the Crucial Memory Advisor Tool click here

  Ptolemy 12:59 06 Feb 2009

Thanks you for responses, however I'm not a lot closer to understanding this whole process.

As my original post says my motherboard is K8M800-8237 (or at least three different PC info applications give the same information so I'm assuming this is correct) - Crucial's tool doesn't list this exact board, but gives the options:

K8M800 Micro AM2 click here or
K8M800-M7A click here

As the AM2 RAM is incompatible (and as far as I can tell that is what I have received) how can I tell if the M7A RAM is correct?

  anniesboy 12:59 06 Feb 2009

You say
(The new RAM sticks, however, are clearly incompatible as the little slot is physically in a different place to my current RAM sticks.)

Not being facetious ,have you removed the old RAM and physically compared with the new ?

  Ptolemy 13:03 06 Feb 2009

Anniesboy, yes I have.

  T I M B O 13:10 06 Feb 2009

Crucial have a lifetime gurantee.

Call them free 0800 013 0330

  Ptolemy 13:19 06 Feb 2009

This is getting very confusing.

Following DieSse's link for the Biostar site there are two K8M800 options:

AM2 - click here and
M7A - click here

My motherboard is red (although beyond this I can't see anything to identify it further), not green, so I would now assume it's the M7A as it looks similar, but the Biostar site lists a third option under the K8M800, the K8VGA-M
click here which looks (as far I can tell without actually taking the boad out) like mine.


  cream. 13:20 06 Feb 2009

re the memory on it being a biostar K8M800 motherboard.

Please post the all the code numbers printed on the ram so we can check. Also does your old ram have one or two slots cut into it?

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