Problem With New NEC ND2500A Dual Format DVD

  User-DC593ADF-8DFC-41A0-B9DA42213177CA53 15:54 12 Jun 2004

Today I fitted the above drive in place of my existing CD-RW drive and checked I could read data discs & play audio CD's - no problems.

Test #2 was to write my first DVD data disk using Nero 5.5 and the media was Datasafe (Ritek dye) 2xDVD-RW and approx 2Gb of data.

The burn was successful, but Nero could not verify the data.
On checking the disc contents in Explorer I tried to run an MP3 file, WinAmp started to load, then a pause before the drive tray opened and the PC crashed.

I re-booted and tried again, but same thing happened. I then put the disk into my DVD-ROM drive and all works as expected.

I also burnt some of the same data to a CD-RW and that was fine, Nero verified it and I can access it.

It appears to be just a problem with the DVD-RW.
Could it be the media? - I particularly bought this type as Ritek seems to be well regarded.

(PC Spec:- P4 2.4Ghz / 256Mb / W98SE)

Any ideas appreciated.



  y_not 16:19 12 Jun 2004

I suspect you are right about the Ritek discs - click here for a pdf list of media for the drive. Under the Ritek option it only mentions the 4x discs.

I would begin by replacing the media.

Good luck


  ensonricky 16:27 12 Jun 2004

An update of your Nero Software may do the trick.

  Eric10 16:30 12 Jun 2004

The general opinion that I read on several forums is that you need Nero 6 to reliably burn DVDs. I had Nero 6 before I got my DVD burner so I can't speak about 5.5 from experience.

Thanks for your quick replies.

Point noted about version of Nero, but I'm not convinced as the data can be read ok from my original DVD-ROM drive, just not from the new burner.

I have an update to this now however.

Have just finished burning a DVD-R disc this time, (4Gb of HD Images as a backup), and Nero happily verified the contents and I can read the data ok without the PC crashing!

So, I guess it could well be the DVD-RW media.
I'll try & borrow a different make from a friend before I buy any more.

Will leave the thread open for a while longer, but thanks again for your inputs.


  ensonricky 20:28 12 Jun 2004

I would still check what version of 5.5 you are using as only the latest couple of versions support the ND2500A.

  jonnytub 21:17 12 Jun 2004

i experienced the exact same probs with my optorite drive and nero 5.5, tried a trial version of nero 6 and everything runs smoothly. Might be an idea for you to try, good luck.

  ensonricky 21:37 12 Jun 2004

There is absolutely no reason why Nero version 5.5 cannot burn the Ritek dye 2x DVD-RW disks, AS LONG AS THE DVD DRIVE IS SUPPORTED.

ensonricky - thanks, since my last posting have been & checked up on the Nero version suggestion.

I am currently running but have downloaded the latest as according to the Ahead compatibility page, the ND2500A has been supported since version

Won't be able to install & check it out until tomorrow sometime.

Thanks all.


Todays update;

Installed Nero update and still get the same results with the DVD-RW media.

Have also tried different DVD-RW media from a friend and that also gave the same results.
I didn't realise until today that he also has the same NEC drive and that is working fine and he's using Nero 5.5.

Maybe I have a duff drive.


  Sans le Sou 22:27 14 Jun 2004

Perhaps he could set up your drive in his machine as a test.

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