Problem with new LED monitor.[Flickering effect]

  routinej 06:24 09 Feb 2015

Hi, I recently purchased an led monitor, my first one after keeping to crts for too long. My problem is, while the monitor looks great i sometimes notice.. i'm not sure what to call it but it's not quite flickering more like shaking or almost looks like waves and it happens a- when i view the screen from an angle or b sometimes it happens on parts of a page that are black/grey. is this normal or something to worry about as it's brand new?

  alanrwood 10:46 09 Feb 2015

What refresh rate have you set. It should be 60-65Hz. Maybe you still are on 50Hz left over from the CRT monitor. Also check if the monitor driver has been installed in Device Manager.(Not always available).

Can you try the monitor on another computer.

  routinej 21:46 09 Feb 2015

Hi, I had it at 75hz but switched it to 60hz after reading this to no avail, each refresh rate available made no difference. I was able to stop the "flickering" from happening on vlc by disable yuv-rgb conversion or something like that. but when my browsers show certain darker colors it still happens. for example when you view an image and it doesn't fill the screen on chrome, the surrounding black/grey "flickers" like crazy.

  rdave13 23:10 09 Feb 2015

Are you on the recommended resolution?

  routinej 03:24 10 Feb 2015

No, But i just checked and the recommended resolution has the same problem.. It's so weird because it is flickering again on videos using VLC but as far as i can tell it doesn't happen on youtube videos.

  wee eddie 13:47 10 Feb 2015

Right Click your desktop and set the Resolution to "Recommended". Sometimes known as "Native"

  jimforrest 00:43 11 Feb 2015

I have exactly the same problem (I think) with my extended screen LCD panel and a posting in here many moons ago sadly didn't come up with a resolution. On mine it looks as if a light streak one pixel high streaks across the screen, followed by another a few lines down, and so on.

To see if yours is the same bring up a (nearly) all white screen such as an Excel page or an advert free email account.

  wee eddie 08:43 11 Feb 2015

To be brutally honest.

Had I bought a screen with such a problem I would have taken it back to where I bought it within 24 hours and not wasted time trying to sort out it's problems

  alanrwood 10:42 11 Feb 2015

Have you tried connecting the monitor usind a different method ie HDMI, DVI or VGA. I had a similar problem a couple of years ago with a new graphics card that I installled. I changed it from HDMI to DVI and it was perfect using that.

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