Problem with new drive in XP

  Siberian Winter 22:00 17 Feb 2004

Hi. Sorry to trouble you all again :-(
I've just tried to install a new 120 GB hard drive without success. I'm running a dual-boot system with XP on C: (30 GB) and W98 on D: (80 GB). I unplugged the D: drive and plugged in the new one, jumpered as slave. The BIOS showed the new drive OK, but when XP ran up the new drive did not appear in 'My Computer', although it did show in Device Manager. I searched the Windows Help, and it directed me to Disk Manager, which showed the C: drive only in the upper pane, and the new drive in the lower pane with a black band across it and labelled 'unallocated'. I tried to create a partition on it, but I was only given the option of NTFS, and I wanted FAT32 like the C: drive as I intend to copy the C: drive over to the new drive. Has anyone come across this before? Thanks.

  Gaz 25 22:04 17 Feb 2004

FAT32 will not show up in XP if it is formatted in NTFS I dont think.

  Siberian Winter 22:13 17 Feb 2004

XP is in FAT32. That's why I want the new drive formatted in FAT32

  ventanas 22:13 17 Feb 2004

The procedure is to right click the unallocated drive and choose new partition. Select Primary, then size and then drive letter. Click next takes you to the format box. You should be able here to select either ntfs or fat32, leave the allocation unit as default and give the partition a name, then format it. I always use quick format. That's it.

  Siberian Winter 23:36 17 Feb 2004

I've done some more digging, and it seems XP cannot format drives/partitions in FAT32 if they're greater than 32GB, although it will recognise bigger partitions if they've been formatted under W98. I'll see if the PC will run up in DOS with a W98 boot floppy in the absence of the W98 OS on hard drive. I'll keep you posted. Thanks.

  ventanas 09:13 18 Feb 2004

Yep, I should have thought of that one.

A Win98 or ME start up disc can do it though. Start the machine with either one of these and use fdisk. This will work.

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