Problem with net access (since Firefox)

  chocolatejo987 22:55 16 Mar 2005

I'm sure its a coincedence (as so many people adore firefox), but since I've started using it, my internet has been driving me insane.

Firstly, it often struggles to go to my home page (yahoo) but will connect to some other pages. "The operation times out". This didn't happen so much before (not blaming firefox!)

Secondly whenever I try and enter a live chat room (eg wanted to go onto live webchat with jamie oliver just now......don't ask!!) it just shuts down my whole firefox (or IE) browser. I've tried this with several chat rooms (eg my university one) and it just closes itself down.

I did get a virus a few weeks back (although these were happening before this). But this has now been removed.

I have Ad-Aware, Spybot, Zone Alarm, Etrust EZ Antivirus, Ccleaner and Stinger.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening?? I don't know what else to try.

  Shas 08:56 17 Mar 2005

Whilst not identical, there are some similarities to your problem in this thread, and you may be able to pick out bits from it. click here

  Stuartli 09:36 17 Mar 2005

Have you actually configured Firefox properly?

  chocolatejo987 11:57 17 Mar 2005

What do you mean by properly? Some further info would be helpful and I can check.

  jon2 12:12 17 Mar 2005

there is a small plugin that you can download from Firefox "Tweek network settings" that should help

  chocolatejo987 12:17 17 Mar 2005

I already have the tweak network settings download, and have it set at "power".

Its not a speed issue, its more a connection issue.

  bertiecharlie 12:33 17 Mar 2005

Timeout reload tweak click here Forum discussion click here

  woodt 12:33 17 Mar 2005

Try going back to default.

  chocolatejo987 13:37 17 Mar 2005

Bertiecharlie - the links you gave me exactly described the problem, so i really thought I had cracked it. I followed the instructions, but was left unable to open firefox, and my whole computer slowed down.
I have now unistalled firefox, and am going to see if going back to IE makes my life any easier.

Thanks for advice

  chocolatejo987 14:58 17 Mar 2005

I have now reinstalled firefox and will see how it goes (i'm strangely got quite attached to some of its features and missed them on IE).

  bertiecharlie 15:09 17 Mar 2005

If you get further problems, uninstall it again and also remove your hidden Mozilla folder in C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Mozilla. This will remove your existing profile which includes your extensions etc but it would give you a fresh start. (This hidden folder is not automatically removed when you uninstall Firefox.)

To keep your bookmarks synchronised with IE you could use Bookmarke Bridge which is a free programme click here

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