Problem with Nero

  Ray5776 18:45 09 Sep 2006

Hello everyone.

I am getting a more and more frequent error message when trying to use Nero Ver
Not every time but now about 75% of the time.

Message reads "nero has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"

Sometimes a restore seems to sort it but as it is intermitent anyway I dont know for sure.

Anyone got any suggestions on this one please.

Tried re-installing etc and everything else I can think of but cant seem to fix this one.


  gudgulf 18:53 09 Sep 2006

Do you have the latest patches for Nero?........or did this start occurring after a patch?

Do you have any games on your pc,if so which ones?

Some games use a copy protection system which can interfere with the running of software capable of copying disks.

  jimv7 19:23 09 Sep 2006

There were known problems with nero 7 the latest updates fixed these, click here

  Ray5776 20:27 09 Sep 2006

I dont think I have loaded any patches but not sure, no games.

jimv7 I will try the link, thanks.

  Ray5776 20:38 09 Sep 2006

This is saying one and a half hours to download on a 2.2 broadband connection. have I something wrong here.

  jimv7 20:47 09 Sep 2006

No, its a very popular site, so I imaginne there are many people downloading.

  Eric10 20:47 09 Sep 2006

I've just started the download and it is predicting 20 mins and that's on 1MB Broadband. As a work-around until you can get the update you will find that the error will go if you run Nero 7 in Win2k compatibilty mode.

  Strawballs 20:51 09 Sep 2006

Just downloaded it in 4.5 min 4meg connection so yes 1.5 hours does seem a bit excessive

  Ray5776 21:07 09 Sep 2006

thanks for your posting, I will continue with the download for the moment, stupidly slow on a 2.2meg connection 30kb/sec only.

Should this not work when I eventually get it how do I run nero in Win2K compatibility mode.

  Eric10 21:29 09 Sep 2006

To run in compatibily mode just right-click the shortcuts and choose Properties and then the Compatibilty tab. Tick "Run this program in compatibilty mode for:" and choose "Windows 2000" from the list.
By the way, my download stopped at 60% so Nero's server must be busy.

  jimv7 21:35 09 Sep 2006

If you install the updates for nero 7, you will not have to run in 2000 compatability mode, it will work perfectly ok on xp.

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