Problem with My Postings...

  martjc 16:28 08 Sep 2007

...haven't been here for a few days. Today I logged in and went to 'My Postings' as usual. All I got was postings from 2004 and earlier. Am I the only one to suffer from this. Hey, F.E. where are the latest ones?

  VoG II 16:30 08 Sep 2007
  martjc 16:34 08 Sep 2007 I've nothing later than 2003!!!

  Stuartli 20:45 08 Sep 2007

Just returned after a few days and thought I'd gone back in time.

Strange thing is I don't even remember typing such postings now....:-)

  €dstowe 21:56 08 Sep 2007

My "My postings" are all haywire as well. They're interesting to read, though. I haven't any memory of quite a lot of them and some I am wondering if it was actually me who wrote them.

  jz 22:22 08 Sep 2007

Seems like a very simple problem. Why is it taking so long to fix?

  chaztait 22:24 08 Sep 2007

€dstowe haha. I thought the exact same when i seen mines, i was like.....did i write this :P.

hope it is fixed soon

  Miros 22:28 08 Sep 2007

Try this click here

  woodchip 22:28 08 Sep 2007

Best thing to do is just forget them, until the decide to fix the problem

  rdave13 22:29 08 Sep 2007

FE said they're looking in to it.

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