Problem with my PC

  dstarr78 21:09 09 Mar 2003


My computer has recently started to make wierd loud fan noises and every once in a while the computer just turns it self off.

So i installed a program called ASUS probe and it's got 3 error warning things coming up:

1)CPU Temp = Overheating

2)Power Fan = 0 Below Threshold

3)+12V = 13,376 Out of threshold

i know what the first one means, but does the second warning mean that my power fan is not spinning at all - i do feel air coming out of it.

Also, I have not got a clue what the 3rd warning means - anyone have a clue?

Any help would be much appreciated


  jimv7 21:15 09 Mar 2003

Switch off the computer and get a new fan before you cook the cpu.

  Legolas 21:25 09 Mar 2003

It looks like your fan is running below speed and inconsequence your CPU is overheating as jimv7 says you should not use your computer until you have fitted a new fan or you might fry your CPU.

  AMD 4 ever 21:39 09 Mar 2003

Sound advise

  dstarr78 21:42 09 Mar 2003

which fan?

the cpu fan??

  dstarr78 21:47 09 Mar 2003

At the moment the CPU temp is OK

But stillthe 12+ voltage thing is still showing up - anyone know what this means??

and the Power fan is still displaying 0, but theat fan is definitely moving.

  derekw 21:48 09 Mar 2003

Also check the MoBo power plug connection. I have had problems with ASUS boards. The connect pins need to have good clean contact; any slight resistance and the +/-12v, which powers so many functions HDD, CD etc, starts to undervolt and up come your symptoms...

  Rayuk 21:50 09 Mar 2003

It also indicates there could be a problem with your power supply,it should run the +12v within 10% tolerance.If you just read the top part of this thread may back me up on that click here
If you can instal a 2nd monitor to confirm your results from Asus probe would be a good thing.Try Sisoft Sandra or Aida32.

  woodchip 21:52 09 Mar 2003

Have you got the side of your comp to have a look, it sounds like cable rubbing CPU fan and slowing it down

  dstarr78 22:01 09 Mar 2003

Nothing is touching the CPU to cause any slow down.

Will check connections in a sec (don't worry i will turn off the PC.

Any idea what could be making the Power Fan value = 0???

Rayuk - i downloaded Aida32, but it doesn;t give me any info bout fans nor power supply.

The ASUS probe is a real-time monitor.

  woodchip 22:15 09 Mar 2003

For the CPU fan check that it is plugged onto motherboard fan pins as some plug into PSU plug direct you would not get a reading then from the board

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