problem, my new pc build wont trun on :S, please h

  stephen0205 19:26 30 Jan 2008

Hi there i bough all the stuff needed for a new desktop build, and i have built one before, although this one seems to be wierd, ill explain what i have done and what its downin now.

I go the case, came with a 520watt powers supply, so that was kool, then i took the new jetway motherboard and inserted it into the case, screwing it in.

Then i put the amd x2 6000 processor in, and the fan ontop, plugged in the power lead for the fan to the motherboard, stuck in the 2gb of ddr2 memory, which is 800mhz, and i checked that the board could take it . So then i stick in the new dvd-rw that is set to master. Ide and power lead connected.

Then i connected the hard drive, sata 160gb maxtor one, i connected the sata power lead which was on the psu and then the sata cable to the mobo and the hard drive.

Then the best part the graphics card, i treated myself to a geforce 8800gt with 512mb of mem, i slotted it in and tightened the screw, connected the 4 pin molexor that cam with it, connected that to the card and the psu, then i wired up the power led, hdled, powerswitch, and the reset cables. All into the rite positions (used the motherboard book to see where they go). The i connected the cables for extra usb and firewire, which i also used the book for.

Connected my new keyboard and mouse, new 19 inch monitor, hit the on button and nuthin, the pc turns on, all fans spinning, graphics card fan goin, led lights lighting up, but no display on the monitor. So i checked the monitor with another pc and it worked fine.

So then i unplugged it and checked the powersw,powerled,speaker,hdled,reset and the usbs i connected,all were fine, checked that everything was connected perfectly which it was, and now it does the same thing, it wont show on the screen, am really puzzled about what has happened

Can anyone suggest anything, sorry it was like reading a book, but im really stuck here .

  martd77 19:32 30 Jan 2008

I had the same experience with my new build,i forgot to plug in the 12v atx power lead,an eight or four pin plug to the motherboard.
Just as your experience,everything powered up but the monitor gave the "no vga signal" message,
hope that helps

  stephen0205 20:01 30 Jan 2008

well mine is plugged in and still nuthing, am soo puzzled, i havent had this problem before and its a shame, i have a copy of crysis there waiting to be played.

  daxian 20:11 30 Jan 2008

double check the 4 pin is secure...push it till it clicks...
then the memory make sure it is fully home in the slots ...
lastly the graphics card ....
it will be one of these .....Dave
are you sure the mobo takes the cpu you have put in ?

  skidzy 20:17 30 Jan 2008

Any post beeps ?

This sounds like non-compatible ram !
Did you buy the mobo as a bundle ? (mobo/cpu/ram)

  brundle 20:23 30 Jan 2008

"sorry it was like reading a book" ; Glad to see such a full explanation of the situation, I wish more people included as much information when asking for assistance.
Remove/disconnect all but one memory stick and the HD (yes take the graphics card out) - switch on and listen for POST beeps (usually 3 for `missing video card`, assuming your board doesn't have built in VGA too). If you hear beeps you know the mobo and CPU are ok. Do you know the 8800GT's amperage requirements for the 12v supply and does your PSU provide enough? They're less power hungry than the older 8800 cards.

If your board does have built in VGA try that with the card removed.

  skidzy 20:35 30 Jan 2008

Your thoughts on this would be appreciated please click here

Sorry Stephen,do not mean to hijack your thread.

  [email protected] 09:17 31 Jan 2008

There was a post similar to this a day or so ago.
Drivers - OS ?

  [email protected] 09:32 31 Jan 2008
  stephen0205 15:47 31 Jan 2008

hi there guys, the problem was solved, it was incompatable memory, it seemed that the website i bought the motherboard from had a mistake and the board dosent have the compatibility for 800mhz, they are replacing me with a new board tha does free of charge, really thanks for all your help, i tried more or less everything

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