is this problem with my motherboard???

  fire 21:49 21 Mar 2003

pc crashed and would not reload dll files when trying to reinstall xp pro no matter what i did.i took pc to local shop for repair where they replaced chip, hard drive and memory but they still came up against the same problem and couldnt even load win 98, they told me it was the motherboard so i paid them £30 for the work trying to solve it. i then sent my board back to eclipse computers for replacement, they said they would test it and have told me today that the board is working properley, i now have to pay another £10 for the board back and after spending this money am stil no better off......anyone got any ideas as im pi**ed off....

  cream. 22:01 21 Mar 2003

Yes you must be well, what you said.

Is the virus checker switched off in the bios?

Also if you have an AMD chip running at 133fsb, drop it to 100fsb and try that.

Put a windows 98 boot disk in and do a though scandisk of the drive in dos.

Not much but a start.

Lets hope you can get it going without spening any more dosh.

  woodchip 22:02 21 Mar 2003

Have you tried wipe the drive and start from scratch

  fire 22:08 21 Mar 2003

thanks for that ive tried reformatting the drive and actually purchased a new hard drive before i took it to the there a possibility it could be the boot.ini file or anything like that or maybe a virus....

  woodchip 22:09 21 Mar 2003

PS it's not the board as you would not get anything on the screen. it may be even a MBR virus, you could try start with 98 floppy disc type at the prompt FDISK/MBR and see if that will fix it

  fire 22:17 21 Mar 2003

the thing i cant understand is that it would take windows installation upto between 14-20% before dll file problem would arise if i ignored these and continued i eventually got blue screen error...

  woodchip 22:18 21 Mar 2003

PS there is always the possibility that the bios as got a virus. and the only way to shift it is to flash the bios not a nice proposition

  woodchip 22:25 21 Mar 2003

Overheating of CPU take the side of your comp have a look at the fan, see if it will load with the side of

  woodchip 22:27 21 Mar 2003

PS to test put a desk fan pointing at the CPU or use a Hair dryer on cool as you try to load windows

  tbh72 22:30 21 Mar 2003

Have you re contacted the shop that charged you £30. They after all have misadvised you, and should solve this problem at there cost, with the exception of components of course!!!

  fire 22:42 21 Mar 2003

yes ive contacted the shop today and they said for me to just bring the board in and they will attach all their peripherals to prove the point...i take it this will do

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