Problem with 'My Computer' and access to Drives

  Ancient Learner 15:38 19 Feb 2007

In the last 3 weeks, things have got tricky on my 18 month old Laptop here in Portugal.

When I switch off in any way (Stand By, Turn Off, Restart, Hibernation), after the next start up I find that 'My Computer' is not properly functional, in that I can double click that and it opens showing all my various drives, but on double clicking a drive I only get a white screen and the Laptop totally freezes necessitating a switch off and then a start up again.
this means that I cannot transfer files, and it also means that I cannot access photos from within my software, as the photos are on a separate drive. Anything that requires access to a different file fails. Strangely, I can access my Docs via the Desk top and my Spreadsheet and Word programme, and My photos is accessible via my Desk Top button, but transferring photos from Flash Memory proves impossible.

Clearly something is amiss. System Restore works Ok but cures nothing, neither does a previous version.
I do have Acronis T.I. images of 'C' drive, and using an Acronis Boot CD disk I am able to do a restore which is successful, and all works again,that is until I close down again, and it's faulty again.

I am fed up with having to do an Acronis restore each day, so can anyone help please.
(I don't have my Windows CD here with me.)

  birdface 15:46 19 Feb 2007

How about Last good configuration in safe mode, Or try Start Run, Type in msconfig,ok,Dot Normal start up.Apply, Ok,

  Ancient Learner 16:48 19 Feb 2007

Thank you for that.

Unfortunately, the 'Last Good Configuration' was tried some time ago to no avail.
The msconfig sounded interesting, but that made no difference either.

All very strange!!

  Diemmess 16:55 19 Feb 2007

Could this be a BIOS or a CMOS battery problem?

My only excuse for suggesting this is that Acronis seems to steady matters UNTIL you switch off.

  Ancient Learner 17:14 19 Feb 2007

You and me both.

I have wondered if it was a Laptop problem rather than a Windows one.
But how do you find out?

  birdface 17:25 19 Feb 2007

Hi,How about My Computer.Right click C Drive, Properties,Hardware,Click on each of the Drives it will tell you if they are working properly. Or try Device Manager,See if there is any yellow exclamation marks against any of your devices.Or going along with Diemmess have you got your date and time set properly.And does it keep good time,

  Ancient Learner 17:43 19 Feb 2007

Thank you.

Just tried all this.

Right clicking My Computer cause a lovely hour glass to appear and nothing else - a complete lock up and needed a turn off and a start.

Device Manager shows no exclamation marks at all.

As far as I know the date and time are set properly, shows the correct time and date, and keeps good time.

  birdface 18:00 19 Feb 2007

If you were loosing time it might have meant that maybe it was the CMOSS battery playing up,Bye the way you were supposed to go into my computer then click the C drive,I dont think that I explained it very well,Probably would have the same effect anyway,You know what I had that problem about 6 weeks ago with the hour glass,I think it was A missing file was the problem,Ah yes ,Framedyn DLL was the name of it, Dont suppose you are getting anything like that.If you have a proper Xp disc. You could try, start ,Run,Type in, sfc /Scannow it may ask you to insert XP disc to continue,Note a small space after the sfc and forward slash.

  Diemmess 18:11 19 Feb 2007

OK it keeps good time and as I understand the CMOS battery its only purpose is to retain the settings in BIOS.

Incipient hardware fault, - perhaps?
Though how you can check this I don't know.

You could look at Control Panel > Admin. Tools > Event Viewer and see if there is anything odd in System Log?

  ed-0 18:22 19 Feb 2007

make and model of laptop. What cpu do you have and how much memory.

from what you say, it sounds as if the hard drive has a fault. Enter the cmos and see if you can enable smart, if it isn't already enabled.

After you have done an acronis backup, windows key + e to open explorer. Move your files around and when finished, right click the "C" drive > properties > tools > error check this drive > check now.

It will tell you that it can't check the drive till you reboot. reboot and see if it can check the drive.


put a tick in fix errors and mark bad sectors.

blue badge boy.

  Ancient Learner 20:09 19 Feb 2007

I don't have the XP disk with me. Therefore I will have to wait 'till I get home to check anything that needs that.

The event viewer shows something - I think perhaps?
Under application there are 'Warning' userenv a number of times.
Under System there triple 'Error' service control a number of times.

It is an Acer 5024WLMi, with a Turin 64 ML-34 processor and 1gb of memory.
Now I'll have a go at the suggestions. May take some while.

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