Problem with my computer!!!

  Keany 13:59 09 May 2003

My computer originally came with XP as the operating system. Into 4 months of owning it, my DVD drive stopped working. It was able to read DVD's but not CD-ROM's. It couldnt read any type of CD-ROM (not even the boot up disk). Then a few days after that the whole operating system crashed. I wasnt able to reboot, due my DVD drive not being able to read the Boot up disk. I took it to get repaired. They managed to get Windows ME installed on it, but i am still having the same problem with my DVD drive (reading DVD's but not CD-ROM's). How do i get the DVD drive to read CD-ROM's? As im wanting to install Windows XP back on to it.

  -pops- 14:21 09 May 2003

It seems to me you have a faulty DVD drive. They often use a different laser to read DVDs to that used for CDs and it is probably the CD laser part that has failed in some way.

You can get a new DVD drive for about £35 but, if your machine is only a few months old, you shouldn't have to mess around like that - your consumer rights give you protection against faulty equipment. Tell your supplier the situation and get them to sort it out for you.


  -pops- 14:26 09 May 2003

I've just noticed you have another thread running with this same problem.

Please close one of them otherwise things are going to get very confused.

  DieSse 14:37 09 May 2003

I agree with -pops- on both counts - what the problem probably is, and the warranty issue.

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