Problem with Msiexec installing Office 2000

  slowhand_1000 12:14 11 May 2003

Whilst installing Office 2000 on my sons pc, running W98SE, the following message came up "MSIEXEC caused an invalid page fault at KERNEL32 at 0187:bff767lf"
I went onto Microsoft help pages, found the relevant fix. This was to rename 3 files as .old and install the latest installer (that I had downloaded). But the problem still appears. I have loaded Office 2000 onto my pc without this fault appearing.
I have noticed a few old threads with the same fault, but can't seem to see a fix.
Anyone any ideas ?



  slowhand_1000 12:35 11 May 2003

refresh, getting desperate now, the flick hammer is due out soon

  jazzypop 12:54 11 May 2003

A few suggestions...

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Searching for 'msiexec office page fault' will turn up many similar suggestions to the ones above.

They basically boil down to being absolutely certain that you do not have a virus (especially the cih.95 one), and manually removing your current MS installer in DOS before installing the new installer(!?)

  slowhand_1000 14:12 11 May 2003

Thanks for the links jazzypop.
Checked for cih virus, nothing found and also installed a Windows Installer Clean Up from Microsoft, but still no joy. I have also checked version number of installed msiexec related files and they are all the current version. I have also gone through the process of deleting (renaming .old) the related files about 6 times now.
Seems like the lad will have to go without the progs he wanted Office 2000 for. At least he has Word still.


  jazzypop 14:17 11 May 2003

Could it be that the old version of Word is causing the problem?

If you are sure that you can restore the current version of Word if required, it might be worth uninstalling that, rebooting, then trying to install Office.

  slowhand_1000 14:40 11 May 2003

Still no joy doing that jazzypop.
Perhaps the problem is more deep rooted ?. As I mentioned it loaded ok on my pc. He does have a spare hd I can hook up to his pc. So maybe do a back up onto that there is just enough room on it and do a re-format of his original hd, it must be due one anyway.

  jazzypop 15:49 11 May 2003

Sounds like a plan to me :)

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