problem message at startup help please

  bof:) 23:37 27 Oct 2003

Hi All,

when brother-in-law starts his pc he is getting a box that says 'vital data' at the top, and is asking for email password.

He types it in and it says incorrect. (Although we know its the correct one.(Caps lock was not on))

This box is appearing at startup and stops other programs booting.

Zone Alarm will not run.

NAV 2003 says it has an 'internal program error 4002,519'.

The windows 98se help file says hh.exe is missing.

when crtl+alt+del used it says Ccapp not responding.

running win98se and connect to the net using VISP (used to be Breathe)

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


  johnnyrocker 23:45 27 Oct 2003

several possibilities here and i feel you need to do a bit of isolating ie what e mail prog is asking for info? is it the right one or a rogue? get a free on line virus scan at click here and follow instructions if anything found, d/load if not got already spy bot from click here interested to see what they produce and what av protection do you have already?



  Rtus 23:53 27 Oct 2003

click here


  bof:) 00:19 28 Oct 2003

Hi both Johny rocker we cannot get onto the internet on his pc. The internet connection program is the corrct one as far as I know. I have got spybot on disk so I'll down load it onto the pc and run it tomorrow or asap. Thanks for the suggestion.

Rtus, I've been on symantec website and printed off their walkthrough for solving the problem... msconfig...start...make sure the following are ticked: ccSetMgr:ccApp and ccEvtMgr.

(I've sent txt message to brother in law and he has made sure all of them are ticked...he rebooted PC and the 'Vita Data' message appeared 1st) he got rid of this using crtl alt del but NAV will still not run.

I've down loaded their fix to a floppy and will take this with me asap to his pc.

I've also printed off the page you suggested and will take that with me. Thanks also for the suggestion.


  temp003 08:37 28 Oct 2003

It appears that "Vital Data" is the dial-up software used by either the old or new ISP. click here

There seems to be some confusion as to who should be the proper service provider (must be some dispute between the former partners). So ask your bro-in-law to check which service provider he is using, and check what software if any he needs to go on the internet, and whether he still needs the Vital Data dial-up software. If not, uninstall it.

Also, use msconfig, Startup to check what program/application has been set to run at startup. Untick it, click OK, restart. See if the dial-up box still appears.

The failure of Norton and ZoneAlarm to load may or may not be connected, but perhaps resolve the internet connection first.

  temp003 08:39 28 Oct 2003

Sorry, in relation to msconfig startup, I meant to say check what program/application is trying to access the internet at startup, and untick it. It may be the dial up software itself, or it may be some other legitimate program.

  bof:) 10:20 28 Oct 2003

Hi Temp003,

the internet connection used to be via 'Breathe' but they have 'passed on' this operation to another company called 'Visp' I believe.

My brother in law did get an email from Breathe to goto the Visp website and download and install some type of internet connecter. This he did and all has worked well for a few months until last night.

He also says that the telephone number he had for techincal help from Breathe is on longer up and running because he tried it last night.

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