Problem with memory, doesn't detect it

  erkmatrix 16:20 26 Jan 2009

Hi I'm having problems with this new memory I've bought, I currently had 4 sticks of 1024MB but I bought 2 new sticks of 2048MB and have put them into the first two slots of my machine, but when I go to my computer on my x64 Windows XP it shows me having 4GB of ram and not 6. Why is this, is it because they are different modules sizes so it basically doesn't now see the other two 1024MB ones. Or is there something I need to switch in the bios to have it read all 4 slots.


  erkmatrix 22:21 26 Jan 2009

anyone have a clue why this would happen

  tullie 22:33 26 Jan 2009

Are you saying that you have 4gigs installed then added another 2 gigs making a total of 6 gigs!?Seems a bit over the top to me,others may advise better.

  erkmatrix 22:35 26 Jan 2009

yeah probably is over the top but I deal with some big art photoshop files so wanted to have it run nice and smooth and heard people had 8gb with x64 so though I should upgrade to 6 and see if its faster

  erkmatrix 09:21 27 Jan 2009

managed to solve this problem, thanks anyway tullie for answering, now running the full 6GB

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