problem with mailwasher free

  palinka 11:41 25 Jun 2008

I used to use Mailwasher free but recently tried the Pro version in a free for 30 days offer. Now that's finished i've downloaded the free version and isntalled it but I get an error message each time I use it :
"Access violation at address 0663983B in mailwasher.exe Read of address 00000000" , Within seconds several copies of this message appear each with a different address.
It also says "code written for a version of the VCL in which ScaleBy does not alter the constraints..."
the program seems to be working OK but the error message(s)are a puzzle.
I've downloaded twice (& deleted in between) and still have the problem.
Any advice, please.

  Clapton is God 12:11 25 Jun 2008

Did you completely remove the Pro version before installing the free version?

By completely, I mean using Add/Remove Programs and then running something like RegSeeker and/or CCleaner to get rid of any 'leftovers'.

  palinka 13:13 25 Jun 2008

I used "Add/Remove progs" but nothing else. In the past I usually used Start>find>all files etc and deleted remains from there - but that isn't such an easy option in Vista.
I'll do what you suggest.

  palinka 14:32 25 Jun 2008

have now deleted Mailwasher (again!), used Ccleaner, downloaded mailwasher and re-installed - but the problem remains.

  €dstowe 15:19 25 Jun 2008

It is always best to remove programs with their own uninstaller - which Mailwasher Pro does have.

I don't know if it is possible now but, try re-installing MWPro then removing according to the "correct" method using its own uninstaller. This should ensure complete removal.

  €dstowe 15:21 25 Jun 2008

Another thing you could try is to do a System Restore to a time before MWPro expired and uninstall correctly - or restore from your system backup (which I hope you have).

  palinka 16:03 25 Jun 2008

Thanks, €dstowe.
Yep, got a system backup (belt & braces, me).
I'll try its own uninstaller first.

  palinka 20:02 25 Jun 2008

still installing and deleting (using the uninstaller) and finding bits left behind whose location I can't find. (it was easier in XP). Start>search for firetrust brings up 3 instances of mailwasher but in each case it is no longer at that location, can't be found anywhere else.Have also done a sys restore. AAaaaarrrrgh!!

  palinka 13:46 29 Jun 2008

left it for a couple of days, then installed a new copy today from the PCWorld site. Works fine.
I think it's a slightly older version,judging by the appearance, but that's OK.

  palinka 22:24 29 Jun 2008

it's version 5.

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