Problem with Logitech z-540 speakers

  hmmm 17:30 14 Jan 2003
  hmmm 17:30 14 Jan 2003


i have logitech 5-540 spekaers but the fade button doesnt seem to work. I can get the sound to only come from the front speakers but not only from the back speakers.

After being impressed with the speakers, i reccommended them to 2 of my mates. There spekaers were also faulty. Anyone know any sollutions to fixing the fade button.

I am also thinking of getting a refund as these speakers must have a common problem if they keep breaking.

I have had them for 7 months and they come with a 2 year guarantee.

What are the chances of a refund or will they exchange them for another model up.

Thanx for the help once again

  hmmm 18:52 14 Jan 2003


  Altair 21:04 14 Jan 2003

I know with my sound card you must setup the number of speakers in the audio HQ in control panel, mine is a 5.1 system and the sound card defaults to 2 speakers, so look in control panel and see if you can alter it.

  hmmm 21:51 14 Jan 2003

tried that already. The fade button used to work with the 4 and 5.1 speaker setup

  hmmm 23:23 15 Jan 2003

will i be able to change them to dofferent ones? say the z-560????

  Djohn 23:31 15 Jan 2003

I don't think there is a problem with the speakers. On your sound card, have you set it for 5.1? If so then there will be a test program for you to hear the sound come out of each speaker.

If that works then everything is correct. Normally you will only get sound from the centre and rear speakers if the source soundtrack is set that way. IE: Movie's and games.

You can get all the speakers to produce sound, even on a stereo track by selecting surround sound in your software program. Regards. J.

  hmmm 23:47 15 Jan 2003

i have used the test program and each speaker works correctly. I can adjust the speakers balance (rear to fron) through the software supplied but not by using the actual button on the spekaers themselves

ps thanx for the reply

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