Problem logging into a web site

  Kishore 12:47 23 Jan 2007

I have been using '' for a long time now. But recently everytime I enter my password and click on 'Logon', the Internet Explorer shuts down completely.
I have queried and asked for help from 'Barclay' but they have not been able to help.
I am using Windows XP Home Edition V. 5.1 and Internet Explorer 7 v. 7.0.5730.11IS.
Cipher strength 128Bits.
Can you help?

  Technotiger 13:11 23 Jan 2007

Hi, this is probably a conflict with IE7. I would advise you to uninstall IE7 via Control Panel Add/Remove - this will automatically revert you to IE6.

  baldtaco 13:18 23 Jan 2007

Allowed session cookies?

  baldtaco 13:20 23 Jan 2007

Oops, ignore that. Read it too quick and thought it was a problem similar to that which someone else had a couple of days back. I is thick.

  Kishore 13:43 23 Jan 2007

Hi Technotiger, I will try your suggestion and let you know in due course. Mind you, it has worked Ok under IE7 unil now.

  Kishore 14:28 23 Jan 2007

Hi Technotiger,
I have done as you suggested.
I am on IE6 now.
Still the same problem.

  Technotiger 15:12 23 Jan 2007

Oh dear, sorry about that, but at least that is one possibility eliminated. I will try to find another way then - meanwhile, I expect others will come on with further ideas.

  Technotiger 15:21 23 Jan 2007

Me again - I know this link refers mainly to problems with IE7, and that yours was working ok previously, but if you read through I think you might find a similar occurrance as regards logging on to a Bank site.

I will keep looking ...

  Technotiger 15:21 23 Jan 2007

click here

Ooops, forgot to add the link ...

  woodchip 15:25 23 Jan 2007

Problem removing IE7 is it leaves a lot of updated files. That's why it as not corrected it. If you have a acronis Image or such I would recomend you load that, or Try System Restore to before you loaded IE7

  Kishore 16:23 23 Jan 2007

Hi woodchip,
I have had IE7 for almost 8/10 weeks now. The web site in question had worked OK until now.
Why should it behave differently now?

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