problem logging off- sometimes affects shutting

  ReyesKing 19:27 22 Jan 2005

down- Hi i am running Windows XP home with sygate firewall, NIS 2005 and ad-aware se i also have ntl broadband medic running in the tray, skinkers message receiver nvidia settings and the printer& sound icons. when i log off it will hang for a long time but still respond- when i try and click a program it says it is in the process of logging off so cannot execute a program. sometimes it will come up with a message saying end process ccApp which i believe belongs to Norton Internet security. Onthe other hand sometimes it does this when i shutdown/ restart.

what can be the matter?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:41 22 Jan 2005

PC World Forums - SystemWorks 2003 + Win2K + "ccApp not responding" during logoff or shutdown
"Message: "ccApp.exe is not responding" during computer restart or shut down

When you restart or shut down your computer, you see the Windows dialog box displaying the message "ccApp.exe is not responding. . . ." Sometimes, Windows closes the program and you can restart or shut down. At other times you must click End Now to close ccApp.exe.

This message does not indicate a problem. The main Norton AntiVirus (NAV) host file, ccApp.exe, is in the process of closing all running services. The ccApp.exe file can take some time to close, especially if the computer was shut down before it finished its last startup process."
click here

  ReyesKing 19:44 22 Jan 2005

thanks diodorus- iv read the article but it doesnt indicate what i can do- all it says is that this may occur

  ReyesKing 20:47 22 Jan 2005

any more tips please?

  bazb 20:58 22 Jan 2005

Have a look at this click here

hope it helps

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:13 22 Jan 2005

Shutdown problems click here

  ReyesKing 14:04 23 Jan 2005

thankyou bazb much appreciated- thanks also to fruit bat- the problem occurs once in a while which is what makes it strange- the screen also sometimes stays as it is -ie on the basic startup window once i have pressed log off/ shutdown. any ideas what it may be?

  ReyesKing 16:52 23 Jan 2005

any ideas?

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