Problem logging onto many forums on the web:Help!!

  Fiery251 14:04 19 Mar 2003

I'm a member of quite a few forums/message boards on the net.

I've got a strange problem that I've had since yesterday logging onto ANY of them, apart from this one, perhaps because it physically asks you for your actual e-mail address, and a password, instead of a made up user name.

I go to the forum I want to post in, and log on , entering my Username and then my password.

It just keeps going back to the log-on screen, and tells me I'm not logged in.

This has only started happening since I reformated and reinstalled windows 98SE last night, and therefore, I can say that
this is definately a PC problem, and not just a case of a wrong password or an unactivated password. Can someone point me in the right direction as far as what settings to check?.

As far as I can tell, everything is as it is upon a new install of 98SE. I havent touched anything in Internet options.
I dont have any Anti-virus software or Firewalls running when trying to log on either.

  davidg_richmond 14:37 19 Mar 2003

have you checked your keyboard country settings? i always have the problem of it defaulting to US instead of UK. i would assume you have though as your email addresses are going in correctly.

the only thing i can suggest otherwise is update internet explorer. just put win98 in the other day and had no problems logging in as i had updated IE straight away through Windows Update

  powerless 14:41 19 Mar 2003

Tools > Internet Options... > Privacy > Medium.

Alter the setting.

  Fiery251 14:47 19 Mar 2003

Checked IE Security settings, and everything is set to medium or below.

Keyboard is definately set up with English UK settings as well.

Any other ideas?!!

This is the first time this has occured, I've reformatted and reinstalled 98SE many times before without any problems as such.

  davidg_richmond 14:58 19 Mar 2003

download IE6 or get it off a cover CD to see if it solves it, could be a dodgy installation you sometimes get

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