Problem with links on web site

  pj123 16:19 30 Apr 2007

I built a website for a friend. It is a commercial company, so I can’t link it on here in case it gets classed as advertising.

Anyway, it has links to different pages (categories) on the left hand side of the page and also at the bottom of each page.

All was working fine until a few weeks ago, now to get to another category using the links on the left hand side of the page, you have to click them twice. But the links at the bottom of the page only need one click.

I used Dreamweaver to build it.

I can’t work out what has gone wrong.

  harristweed 16:48 30 Apr 2007

post a link!

  pj123 16:52 30 Apr 2007

OK. The site is click here

If it gets deleted I will understand.

  Forum Editor 18:27 30 Apr 2007

with a single click.

  pj123 19:14 30 Apr 2007

Thanks FE. So is it me? I don't mean I have to double click straight away (eg. like opening an application from a desktop icon). I click it once and nothing happens, so I click again and it opens the page. The links at the bottom of page just require one click and it opens.

  Forum Editor 23:11 30 Apr 2007

I can see that the nav buttons are .swf files, and in IE I am being prompted to 'click to activate and use this control'. That's one click to activate the Flash player and one click to run the hyperlink.

What's happening is that by default, Internet Explorer will not run Active content that's embedded in HTML files unless you first click on the object to activate the control. It's a security feature, and the problem is that if a page contains multiple controls (and yours does) each one has to be activated individually.

You can modify your HTML pages to enable the control automatically so that it runs with one click, but if you're not familiar with using Microsoft jscript to load controls from external script files you could be in for a pretty steep learning curve......can you not replace the buttons with something else?

  pj123 11:55 01 May 2007

Thanks both.

I don't have Dreamweaver on my PC (too expensive) but my friend does. I have to go to his home to make any amendments/updates etc..

I will have a go at your suggestions. If I find it too difficult I think I will leave it alone.

  Sebastian Ereira 21:49 01 May 2007

if i was u, use frontpage and create shared boarders, then create a navagation menu

  TIB 20:55 05 May 2007

In converting my WORD document with links for my website using pdf995 and pdfEdit995, and uploading with Total Commander, the links, although active, do not link exactly where I require them, but halway down a page under each respective heading. Is there a way of correcting this?

  mco 23:28 05 May 2007

Perhaps you should post this as a new topic to get more people to suggest solutions. And could you post a link to your site at the same time?

  pj123 13:13 06 May 2007

Very strange!

I have been to my friend's house and the Nav Buttons work OK with 1 click on his PC. We also tried it on "Stock" PC and it worked OK on that as well.

I have also tried it on one of my other PCs and that also is working OK with just one click.

We have decided to leave it as it is.

It appears to be only this (my main) PC that has to have two clicks to activate the buttons.

Don't understand that but I will tick it as resolved anyway.

Thanks for all the comments/suggestions.


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