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  fitshase 14:37 10 Jun 2007

I'm using Dreamweaver to create my website to show my photos.

I have the website and I am trying to get a link to open in a certain frame but it will not work. I want to use frames so I don't want comments of "ditch frames and do this instead...." as frames works for me and is simple to use. All I want is this link to open correctly.

I have 2 frames on the page - the main one is named "main_frame" and the bottom one is named "bottom_frame". All simple there.

Now, I have the gallery links in the main_frame opening their respective galleries in "_self". This works fine.

I have the bottom links (to the galleries menu and to the homepage) opening in "_parent" which works fine.

However, I am trying to get a link in the bottom_frame to open a page in main_frame. I have set it to "main_frame" and it doesn't work. It opens a new window instead. I have tried everything and it still doesn't work.

Have a look here (click here). Click on the "All images © Ross Chapman" link and it should open this page (click here) in the main_frame. As you can see it doesn't.

The code for the link is:-

a href="copyright.html" target="main_frame">All images © Ross J Chapman /a>

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

  Eric10 15:25 10 Jun 2007

In deference to your wishes I will only say that in your frameset you need to change id="main_frame" to name="main_frame". Also change id="bottom_frame" to name="bottom_frame".

  fitshase 15:58 10 Jun 2007


Thank you thank you.

I have been pulling my hair out with this problem. I have changed id to name and it is working fine now.

Excellent. Cheers

  Eric10 10:08 11 Jun 2007

Although you haven't asked for help with this I have noticed that when browsing with Firefox and going to your copyright page, the bottom frame develops scroll bars. Whilst I can't see any obvious reason for this the easiest remedy is probably to disallow scrolling in the bottom frame. This is done in your frameset by adding scrolling="no" in the definition for bottom_frame.

  fitshase 08:37 12 Jun 2007


Thanks - I've made the necessary amendments.

Fourm Member,

I only use 2 frames in a frameset (one main frame and one small bottom frame) and 99% of browsers support it and it works fine. As mine is very much a personal site, I don't see why I should cater for the 1%.

I use Flash on the site to display the gallery because it "works for me" and displays the photos well. When asking for feedback on my site before, I was told to ditch Flash as not everyone has it installed (or some people don't like it), ditch frames because it doesn't work on all browsers, etc.

If I was to ditch frames to cater for the 1%, my time in changing the site would increase (time I don't have). Furthermore, if I ditch flash because of the minority who don't/won't have it, my time updating the site will increase to such a stage that it will not get updated.

I am catering for the majority not the minority. I use IE and the frames work well. Friends use Firefox and the frames work well.

The reason I put the comment on the post was to explain that I was after the solution to the frames problem and not something else entirely.

Cheers for your input though.

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