problem with link

  sugarbabe 12:35 06 Jun 2007

Hi i have added new page to exsisting website and page is working ok but i am confused by link. I want to be able to type in click here

but this results in webpage not found. if i type in click here the page comes up.

How do i get it to work without having to type htm at the end each time??

  harristweed 13:33 06 Jun 2007

You can't.
But why do you want to do that?

All you can do is create a folder called garageconversions
put the page inside this folder and call it index.htm

Then if you type (without the spaces)
ht tp ://www. bluerockconstruction. co. uk/ garageconversions

The page will appear.

  mco 13:49 06 Jun 2007

with harristweed - but it isn't really necessary for you to do that as there's nothing wrong with having it end in htm.

  sugarbabe 15:43 06 Jun 2007

i am advertising it in mags etc and thought it easier if people can type in the short version rather than http .......htm

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