Problem with laptop, please help

  lbakyl 12:00 23 Jul 2006

Hello. I would like to ask you for an advice. I bought a laptop in UK from Evesham. During 10 months it ended up in their service for five times. I always lose all my data and when I obtain it "repaired", it stops working again after usually 14 days. The only one thing they do is taking the laptop to its factory default setting, but they don't actually sort out the problem, which is obviously not as easy.

To describe the problem - whatever it causes is (which is my question here), I was always working on it, usually simple writing in Word and / or listening to mp3 in Winamp. Suddenly, the system gets stuck- for example, it is not possible to go to "Start" button and desktop. Although the programs which are already running such as this Word are ok without problems,everything else is impossible to do. When I press ctlr+alt+delete I can "kick" i.e. Winamp, which works, but cannot do anything else. When I try to turn the machine off,restart it, logout, then nothing happends. The only one way out is to turn off the machine by holding the button for 5 secs (no "cold" restart button is there). When I turn it back on after a while, it seems ok until the Windows starting screen is shown. The loading screen is animating the squares but hard drive is idle and nothing happens. The same thing happens when I go to the Windows booting menu (F8) and try to run it in safe mode. It starts loading few files which are displayed on the screen and then the computer stops doing anything and I have to turn it off. Well, I said ok, let's reformat the harddrive or at least reinstall windows. I put the Windows XP cd in (which works perfectly on different pc) and the cd started loading. There is the blue screen (not blue death screen!) when on the bottom of it files are being loaded. However, when the process is finished and it should proceed to the next screen with windows agreement, display info about the hdd etc., it freezes and does not continue further. So it is not possible to even format the hard drive!

Moreover, the hard drive is divided into two partitions where the second one is the factory default settings. Normally, it's possible to run it by pressing F10 before Windows starts loading (we are talking about program called PC Angel LE). But when this strange thing happens with the laptop,tt is not possible to run it. The last thing I tried was a live linux cd (Slax) which works perfectly and it showed me both partitions on the hdd and allowed me to make a backup to a flash disc. So I saved the most important files. I also tested the pc using memtest, so the RAM is ok, no problem was found. The temperatures, which I constantly monitor are 35 C for CPU (Turion ML-37 2ghz), and 48 C for HDD (Fujitsu 80GB, 5400rpm). I know it's quite high for a hdd to have 48 C but as laptop I think it should be ok.

Finally, I have to note, that this cannot be caused by a virus (trojan or whatever) as the laptop is often not connected to internet, only to make updates of antivirus (Avast) and antispyware (Ad-aware and Spybot). The laptop parameters are: AMD Turion ML-37 (2ghz, 1mb cache), MB is from ATI but chipset is not known (CPU-Z cannot detect), Radeon X700 128mb, HDD 80GB Fujitsu (5400rpm), 15.4". I asked the company to give me money back or a different model of laptop but they are keeping refusing it saying that it is finally fixed. I'm really dissapointed and angry because I always have to install everything back to find out that after 14 days it's gone again. If I would not have the Slax cd, it would not be possible to make a backup of documents and I would lose all the work! My questions are - where is the point of the problem? Is it the hard drive, system or motherboard? Can I bring the laptop to a third party company if the authorised service is not capable to fix it? Can I demand my money back?

Any help is strongly appreciated!

  FelixTCat 12:39 23 Jul 2006


It sound as though your hard disk is failing because of overheating. When the laptop is cool, it works OK and loads eg Word, but into memory. Hence you can continue to run Word. after a while, the hard drive becomes too hot and fails, so you cannot save, open a different file in Word or change programs.

I am presuming that Slax is running from the CD in memory and not being installed.

You could try one of two things:

1. if you think I may be right (and test it a bit yourself), send it back to Evesham again, telling them your suspicions and that you expect them to test specifically for this

2. have it tested by an independent specialist, explaining your suspicions and if he confirms the problem, go back to Evesham and demand your money back or a repair on the basis that the fault was inherent. Note that they may not give you all your money back because you have had some use out of the machine.

I hope that you are able to solve this.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:48 23 Jul 2006

I bought a laptop in UK from Eve sham. During 10 months it ended up in their service for five times. I always lose all my data and when I obtain it "repaired", it stops working again after usually 14 days.

Best Advice.
The machine has not been repaired properly and therefore you should insist on a replacement, before the guarantee runs out.

freezing PC
usual faults:-
1. Overheat due to faulty / blocked fans (your readings look OK)

2. PSU voltages SIW click here will give lots of info about your machine.

3. Household power surges fridge etc. switching on/off

4. faulty memory stick try Memtest click here (already checked OK)

5. virus or spyware scan for both especially if shutting down with in a few minutes of switch on or internet use

6. driver conflicts especially graphics cards get the latest drivers for your equipment

If you reformat the drive you may lose the backup partition, I would not do a reformat until out of guarantee

  Pamy 13:19 23 Jul 2006

you say "I bought a laptop in UK from Evesham."
does that mean that you are not now in UK?

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