Problem with laptop hardware.

  slimbo51 11:44 04 Feb 2007

Hiya All.

Been given a Compaq N1015v Laptop which has a hardware prob on it.
It will boot up fine to Windows, but after a short period of time (Between 5 and 10 min) it shuts down, not thorough software but what appears to be overheating.

My first thought was the proc was not bonded to the heatsink correctly and this may still be the case.

Not having much to do with laptops I'm not sure how to open it up to get at the M/Board. Anyone got one of these or know how to get inside without causing damage.

The main source of the heat appears to be more towards the top of the comp near the screen.

Anyone had this prob before and knows a possible

Many Thanks for any help.

  Forum Editor 12:33 04 Feb 2007

you've made sure that the fan is running?

Laptop fans and outlet grilles are particularly vulnerable to dust accumulations, and many's the time I've cured an overheat situation with judicious use of a can of compressed air.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:34 04 Feb 2007

do the fans run on the laptop?

also try blowing out the vents.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:35 04 Feb 2007

must type faster


  slimbo51 12:43 04 Feb 2007

All vents etc seem to be clear. Sounds as though fan is running.

Main prob is to get into the unit without damaging anything.

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