Problem with kazaa.

  I-W 12:23 20 Jun 2004

Everytime i open "My Shared Folder" in Kazaa i get a message that "windows explorer has encounted a problem and needs to close" If i send the report my screen goes blank only leaving my wallpaper, but if i dont send then my computer slows down till it stops completly. This is happening more often then not and is starting to get on my nerves. Is there anything i can do to sort out this problem?

  nyleridedog 12:27 20 Jun 2004

move all yer shared stuff to a safe folder, then uninstall and reinstall the program!


  [email protected]® 12:28 20 Jun 2004

You may have a virus. Kazza is riddled with viruses and it is not a recommended program.

  I-W 13:17 20 Jun 2004

Iv tried un-installing then re-installing and iv even scaned the shared folder for viruses but still got the same problem.

  baz\ 13:53 20 Jun 2004

Do a scan at Panda: click here

  the pie eater 20:33 20 Jun 2004

You get what u asked for. nothing in this world is free you are paying the price for ?? free music downloads

  VoG II 20:39 20 Jun 2004

KazaaBegone click here

  Sans le Sou 23:15 20 Jun 2004

you can get the proper version of Kazaa online. It is relatively inexpensive and is not contaminated with Spyware. Spybot should kill the Kazaa contamination.

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