Problem with just one site..

  awest3 17:50 22 Nov 2010

I've used "diynot" for some time now with no the last month or so I've noticed its got very slow to load web pages.. I also have red crosses where there should be pictures. Otherwise I have no problems with web sites which load very quickly..

Windows 7. 4gb Ram. twin 750gb drives. Dell inspiron 530s with dual core 8400 processor.

Hmm..just noticed that my other PC..xp sp3 etc has the same issue

  gengiscant 09:39 23 Nov 2010

Loads fine on my Win 7 IE 8, picture ,when I found one loaded fine also.
It is this site that you are referring to?click here

  birdface 10:17 23 Nov 2010

Make sure you have the latest Flash and Java updates if you use them and remove the old ones.
Other computer has same problem so maybe an ISP problem.
Maybe firewall or other security blocking it.

  birdface 10:25 23 Nov 2010

I take it you are using I/E if so try .Tools.Internet Options.Security.Click on custom level and scroll down near the bottom to Active Scripting and disable it.Then press apply or whatever is in the box that pops up.
Now your browsing and opening pages should be a lot quicker.
If no difference just reverse what you already did.

  awest3 16:13 23 Nov 2010

Thanks guys...

did the 'Active Scripting' disable and back to instant access...Can I ask why it affected only one site..?

the knowledge out there is incredible...


  awest3 16:43 23 Nov 2010

Hmm...may have spoken too soon..!

Although I do now get instant access to the first web the next level it does exactly the same as before i.e goes away for a few minutes...

I also get (20 items remaining) downloading pictures click here

at the bottom of the screen....

  birdface 17:44 23 Nov 2010

Your click here will not work for me.probably something to do with my security.
If using I/E have you got compatibility mode ticked.

  awest3 22:27 23 Nov 2010

Sorry..I did not mean to put in a 'click here', I typed in the url as it came on the screen forgetting that it would interpret it as a click here... it should have said (//

  awest3 16:35 09 Dec 2010

Not sure why...but its back to normal..? almost instant response...

one of life's mysteries I suppose.


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