grove34 10:26 24 Jan 2003
  grove34 10:26 24 Jan 2003

when i try to pen a jpg on my pc it tellsme that it cant read the file header , but its a jpg with a jpg file extension that open with the right app. but it wont if you know what i mean.

  MichelleC 10:44 24 Jan 2003

Sometimes if a jpeg has been edited and saved in 1 prog another won't open it. Try opening it via explorer and then save as.

  medicine hat 10:44 24 Jan 2003

Which app does it open with? Paint Shop Pro?

  MalcSP 10:45 24 Jan 2003

Try something illogical. Set up a new folder, open it and move the recalcitrant file to it. right click it there and open it with whatever you use. Stupid things like this shouldn't but often work.

  Patr100 11:23 24 Jan 2003

Is this with all jpgs ot just one or two? Some graphics viewers are more tolerant than others with unexpected or damaged coding. Try another viewer or Irfanview free from click here -

  grove34 12:34 24 Jan 2003

its just a few jpg's , they used to open with anything , now they wont open at all even with irfranview.

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