problem with ip

  aboutit 09:58 31 May 2007

I have checked my ip address on advancedc settings for the bt home hub and it shows but if I ping this nthing happens. I went to an online ip checker an d tat gave my ip as which does ping which is my ip for network purposes any help?

  recap 11:02 31 May 2007 would be your IP address as it is released from BT.

  aboutit 11:38 31 May 2007

I have the bt home hub on one pc connected via ethernet and the other via belkin wireless both show the same ip address 86=== is this correct or should they have different ip addresses in order to network.

  recap 11:56 31 May 2007

BT releases an IP address for your Internet connection, the IP address for this will vary from customer to customer, so yours will be

  recap 11:59 31 May 2007

Sorry for got to include the following link click here

  FreeCell 12:27 31 May 2007

Your two PCs will have different IP addresses but they are addresses in the range of your local network and will be 192.168.1.n. Your home hub will be allocating these addresses to PCs and other network devices in the local network.

As far as the Wide Area Networki.e the internet is concerned your networks's IP address is as Recap says allocated by BT as Unless you have a fixed IP address this will change over time.

  aboutit 12:51 31 May 2007

I had no network problems until i reinstalled windows on one of my desktop pcs. now I cannot share files or printer. On my main pc(connected via ethernet to home hub) my connections are showing as local area connected, 1394 connected, residential gateway disabled is this correct. I can connect to the internet on second pc which is belkin wireless adapter and I can see the main computer but when i click on it i get not responding

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