Problem with internet links

  Aristocatman 12:53 26 Dec 2009

I'm not sure if this started when I replaced my Alcatel modem/IPcop setup with a BT Home Hub or soon after. I can connect to internet no problem but a short time after using links or say changing pages in a survey, or even clicking login on this forum it all seems to come to a halt I get the message in the lower left of the browser 'waiting for ..... or transferring data from.... & nothing happens sometimes hitting the refresh button a few times will open the page but not always. This is so frustrating! I have tried 3 browsers, BT that is from my ISP, Google Chrome & Firefox the problem remains. Skype works OK, email mostly works OK. I thought it was a BT browser problem as they have problems but browser change made no difference.
Has anybody got any ideas? PC is networked & others on the network don't seem to have a problem.

  howard64 11:57 27 Dec 2009

it could be the mtu setting - they often set to 1500 but 1458 works best with my netgear router. I am not sure how to set it in the home hub but your manual should show how.

  Aristocatman 13:37 27 Dec 2009

Thanks for the suggestion I had a good read up online about MTU not a 5 minute job with a network!?
I have been through the Home hub Manager software & help files not a mention anywhere. I tried the ping test, a bit odd. worked OK when packets were fragmented when I got to smaller packet sizes it just timed out every time.
So at the moment I'm fkd!

  howard64 14:01 27 Dec 2009

do BT have an online helpdesk? they ought to be able to sort it for you.

  Aristocatman 14:10 27 Dec 2009

Well........ they do, not sure what part of the world it is in but I can guess. I can give them a try, takes a while. You really get the feeling they don't want you to contact them.

  howard64 16:30 27 Dec 2009

often you get a better response online than you do by phone. Perhaps all the bt home hub experts on this site are asleep at the moment they should also be able to help.

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