problem internet connecting

  phoenix42 11:33 29 Nov 2007

having recently purchased a new computer I'm having a problems accessing the internet.Using my old but reliable BT Voyager 100 modem with the associated disc,(fine on my old computer) I now receive the following: "BTSYC~EXE has encounbtered a problem and needs to close"
BT Broadband check..We have checked your computer and unfortunately it does not meet the minimum requirements..(quote)
required found
Pentium II
processor speed 233 mhz 33mhz
total memory 62mbs ?mb
USB port present No
All very strange ..The 'New' computer 'line-up' is as follows,
AMD 4200+Dual core. M/BFoxconn AM2 940 Socket.
2Gb DDR2 667.160 gb 720 rpm H Drive ATA 133.etc etc So can someone please tell me why I cannot get my modem/internet working ?? Thanks for any help..

  xania 12:02 29 Nov 2007

If you are using Vista on your new PC, oyu may well find that there are updated drivers for your old modem:

click here

  phoenix42 12:49 29 Nov 2007

Thanks xania for the prompt reply and the very useful 'info'.Have bookmarked the site for reference and as soon as I get the New computer 'fired-up'will do a check up.Will of course confirm yea or nay. Best wishes

  phoenix42 12:56 29 Nov 2007

OOPS,! sorry xania, should have answered your assumption , No the o/s is windows XP Pro.. By the way according to the site you mentioned it says "Please note ,This product is not Microsoft Windows Compatible" But of course you are no doubt aware of that .. Thanks again Phoenix42

  phoenix42 13:00 29 Nov 2007

Done it again.. ... "not Microsoft Windows VISTA Compatible sorry " !!

  xania 13:24 29 Nov 2007

No I didn't have time to go that far, but if you are on XP, as with the previous PC, then it should work once the provided drivers have been installed. However, a word of caution. Always follow the installation instructions to the letter. Did you install the drivers before or after attaching the modem, and did this order comply with the instructions. Also, it is always advisable to reboot before trying to use the item.

  phoenix42 13:49 29 Nov 2007

That is what is puzzling me ,this 'old' computer (the only way I can get onto the internet) has the same O/S windows XP Pro installed on the New one ,and as you will agree there should be no problem as a USB item .But I will certainly check on new drivers if necessary. Re installation of modem software, yes instructions followed to the letter as always. thanks

  xania 08:50 30 Nov 2007

Just one more thought - could be a port problem. Have you tried with all your ports? Have you tested another USB device on the port you are using for the modem?

  phoenix42 16:39 30 Nov 2007

Sorry for the delay in replying. Have checked ports and there does'nt seem to any problem there.. When trying to connect to broadband all I get is "connecting with WANiPOLE connection etc..." (think that's what it said !! ) Age is getting to me..
Seriously considering a re-install of my Windows XP Pro but will once again,remove BT Voyager modem completely and try to re-install with the supplied software disc... Trying to overcome the urge to reach for the 'lump hammer' !! thanks again

  phoenix42 21:06 01 Dec 2007

Hllo agaion xania ,been busy here. There seemed to be some discrepancy with another programme on the new O/S Windows XP Pro, so I did indeed re-install the lot and lo and behold after loading the disk for my BT broadband Voyager 100 ,I'm back on the 'net' and with my new computer..
Many thanks for bearing with me (you were the only one !) Again my sincere thanks and best wishes. phoenix42.....('lump hammer'put back in storage !)

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