Problem installing WinDVD5

  old wolf 12:39 13 Apr 2004

Although I can install other sofware OK,having previously uninstalled WinDVD4, I have a problem installing WinDVD5. I get the following message at the 'preparing the installshield wizard'stage:- (error extracting support files: cannot create a file when that file already exists. It may be that version 4 was not wholy uninstalled, but I cant find any remnants. I would add, I have updated the installshield engine as ealier suggested. HHHelp please.

  old wolf 21:47 13 Apr 2004

Since posting the original, I have detected a remnant of Windvd, while trying to open a file, the 'Open With ' window popped up and in the list is Windvd. How do I remove it, and why is it still there when the program itself has been uninstalled. ??? Any ideas folks ?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:51 13 Apr 2004

Try a reg search for windvd ir may just need these deleting to install.


  stalion 22:04 13 Apr 2004

you have probably still got some connection to this in the registry.Regards

  old wolf 16:02 20 Apr 2004

I have removed all references to Intervideo and Windvd from the registry. I have tried to also install a trial download of Powerdvd 5, and get the same error message. (error extracting support files: cannot create a file when that file already exists. Could a file that is common to both programs be in the system that needs to be removed. Any further ideas, and thanks for your responses all.

  GaT7 17:01 20 Apr 2004

1. Try emptying your Temp folder(s) & deleting the WinDVD folder (if it exists) & try again. 2. Also, if you have a AV scanner turn it off & try the install again. 3. Try to install after a Clean boot (i.e., after unticking EVERYTHING in msconfig & rebooting).

  GaT7 17:37 20 Apr 2004

If still no joy, try updating/reinstalling your PC's DirectX - click here. If you buy/subscribe to a PC mag with disks they may have DirectX on them so will save you the download - make sure it's the latest 9.0b version. If you use WinME/XP, Microsoft recommends creating a 'System restore' point before installing.

  old wolf 11:51 23 Apr 2004

Thanks Crossbow, I have tried all these, and when trying to install Directx 9.0b, I get the same error message, ime tearing my hair out here, whats teft of it. I use 98se by the way.

  dth 12:56 23 Apr 2004

It isn't looking too good!

As a long shot - why don't you try installing 4 again. Then re-booting and uninstalling it again.
Then re-booting again and seeing whether tthere are any bits left. Re-boot again and (fingers crossed) try and install 5.

Just a thought as it sounds like the uninstall of 4 hasn't worked correctly.

  GaT7 19:00 23 Apr 2004

try these in the order they appear (I realise you've done some of them so skip those if completed without errors):

1. Copy the WinDVD5 CD to your hard drive & try installing from there. Also do the same with DirectX 9.0b (if you've only already tried installing from a CD & failed).

2. Clean the Temp Directory -
click here

3. Configure the DCOM Settings on Your Computer - click here

4. Detect and End Previously Running Installation Processes - click here

5. Update Your Computer - click here - this tip also suggests reinstalling IE & DCOM.

(To check if all updates/hotfixes are installed correctly on your PC or not, install & run Belarc Advisor. click here to download. Check the report you get. Hotfixes that have not installed will not show up at all, if they've installed correctly they will have a 'verifies correctly' tag & if installed incorrectly will have a 'fails verification' tag.)

6. Update to the Latest InstallShield Installation Engines - click here

7. Reboot and try the installation again.

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