Problem installing windows onto new system

  YinHoNg 22:36 20 Jan 2005

Casecom Kg-188 ATX Case In Black With USB/Audio No Psu 063768 £9.99

300W ATX Power Supply 020083 £6.49

AMD ATHLON XP2400+ 266MHZ FSB 256Cache Thoroughbred CPU - OEM 043066 £51.49

Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2l (blue Light) (maximum Support XP3400) 058513 £6.46

Abit NF7 V2.0 nForce2 Socket A 8xAGP LAN USB2 6 ch Sound DDR400 Memory Retail Box 063166 £35.62

Crucial CT6464Z40B 512mb DDR 400MHz PC3200 CL=3 Memory Module 046420 £44.82

Seagate Barracuda 80Gb 7200rpm UDMA100 Hard Drive - OEM 036369 £30.72

GNR Haier HV900CS 19ins CRT 0.25mm [email protected] Monitor 078755 £79.99

Hwya. I've put the parts all together and set the bios settings (didnt change much besides the date and time).

But now i'm trying to install windows and its coming up with a major problem.

What's happening is that its getting to the point where it says 'press enter to setup windows'.

At this point though, the system SHUTS DOWN and the mobo makes a beeping noise.

I've no idea what this beeping noise is, i've read the manual and it doesnt mention it at all.

If anybody has any ideas on why this might be and how i could fix it, please let me know asap.

Thank you in advance.

some links: click here (my mobo)

  hugh-265156 23:12 20 Jan 2005

enter your bios and make a note of the type you have, more than likley it will be either ami or award then try the above again. make a note of the number of beeps and look it up click here or click here maybe.

  jessie .x..x.x 23:25 20 Jan 2005


300 watt power supply for a Abit motherboard ???

Abit motherboards are power hungry, they like a decent power supply of 400 watts + ( a quality brand aswell )

I had problems myself when trying to get a XP3000 BARTON to run on a 300 w supply. I had to in the end buy a 450 watt PSU.

If you post your question on the `ABIT` forum you will get a reply to your problem in minutes !

The people who hang out at that forum are mostly experts.

Dont forget, pop over to `ABIT`

click here

Enter you question in the -

"VIA chipset Socket A motherboards" forum

any problems give me a shout


  YinHoNg 01:17 21 Jan 2005

Heya. I posted this click here
on the abit forum.


Let's hope we can get this sorted out..... *crossing fingers*

  hugh-265156 01:30 21 Jan 2005

i doubt its the psu as you specs are not very demanding of power. try just connecting the optical drive and your graphics card remove all other pci cards and case fans and extras etc.) and go through the set up process with the bare minimum. if all is well add one component at a time maybe to see what happens.

"repeated high then low beeping sound continously"

award bios "Either the CPU is not seated properly or the CPU is damaged. May also be due to excess heat. Check the CPU fan or BIOS settings for proper fan speed"

  YinHoNg 16:20 22 Jan 2005

cpu is defintely seated properly and the fan is seated properly too. THe only thing i can add now, is that i've noticed that the fan, which has a blue light, flashes during installation: like a bulb thats getting too much power.

Maybe this is it?

Also, where in the bios can i change the fan speedS?

  YinHoNg 22:49 22 Jan 2005

another thing was that i tried my old hard drive that already had windows on it, and that worked fine. I spent about half hour doing various stuff and it seemed fine.

  YinHoNg 13:21 23 Jan 2005

I just changed the fan to a 350W fan that i was using in my other computer(denoted compB) (that is working fine) and it still did the same. Note that my other computer has actually more need for power yet it still works perfectly well.

So i'm gonna rule out the psu.

I also double checked that the fan is on properly, which it most definitely is now.

However though, I've also noticed that when the installation of windows is going on, the blue light from the cpu fan 'flashes' i.e the intensity varies. Almost like its getting too much power or something(which i doubt is the problem).

I did try changing the cpu fan to compB's fan but when i did this, the computer wouldnt even start!!!!

I will try this again, as it may have been a loose connection.

I will also try switching the cpus.....maybe one is damaged for some reason or another.

Again, i will let you know how it turns out.
Any other suggestions will be greatfully recieved.

  the-george 15:01 23 Jan 2005

Why should the system work fine with one drive but not another? Might be worth while running the system with the older hard drive for a few hours or so to see if there are any problems with overheating low power etc.
I would then add the new drive as a slave and see what happens then. If still ok ou could then try installing the os on the slave , switching round afterwards and again see what happens.
If the problems persist with the new drive added then this might be the cause!
Cannot see any reference to which 'windows' you are attempting to install or are on the old drive - maybe this could be part of the problem!

  SEASHANTY 15:43 23 Jan 2005

If its an OEM copy of Windows that was on your other drive maybe it will not install to another hard drive on your new build PC.

  YinHoNg 23:36 30 Jan 2005

Heya, all seems to be ok now. Seems that it was the cpu fan fault. I'm pretty sure it must;ve not been sitting on the cpu properly or something. But taking it out and putting it in again made it work.

Hope this helps anybody who has this future again in the future.

Thank you pc-advisor.

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