Problem installing win98 on HD help please Thanks

  bof:) 16:38 16 Jul 2003

Hi All,

I've just read on another thread that you cannot FDISK and FORMAT a hard drive that has 'NTFS' on it with the win98 startup disk because it is not fat32.

If this is the case how do you clean the hard drive of any partitions so that you can install windows 98se onto it?



  Agent Smith 16:44 16 Jul 2003

Try restarting to dos and then type format c: don't forget to put the space in betwwen format and c:

  woodchip 16:49 16 Jul 2003

Format will not remove the NTFS you can use win98 disk to remove NTFS partition then recreate a Fat32 partition and activate it then format as Fat 32

  Jester2K II 16:50 16 Jul 2003

Search PCA under NTFS to FAT32

  Jester2K II 16:54 16 Jul 2003

Sorry just thought.

Of course you can because you can format an unformatted disk or one with a corrupt FAT32 partition.

Boot up with the Boot Disk. Delete all partitions using FDisk. Format with FAT32.

You might get errors about non FAT or FAT32 partition. Ignore them you can still format back to FAT32.

In fact did this last week when a corrupt WinXP NTFS installation was successfully deleted and formatted back to a FAT32 Win98SE installation.

  Jester2K II 16:55 16 Jul 2003

Oh and woodchip included the step i forgot.

Delete all exisiting partitions and then


Then format using FAT32

  Terrahawk 17:51 16 Jul 2003

use win 98 boot disk at A:\fdisk then delete partitions reboot with 98 boot disk go back to fdisk create primary partition set as active reboot with 98 boot disk at A:\format c: you should then be able to load win 98

  Rayuk 18:08 16 Jul 2003

Use start up disk /fdisk/delete Non Dos partitions reboot fdisk to repartition.
If you are going to instal WinXP you can also do it during the instalation.

  Quiller. 19:31 16 Jul 2003

Start the machine with a win98 boot floppy in. Get to a prompt and type fdisk. Pick y to enable large disk support.

If you have just one fixed hard drive, you will now have a screen with 4 options. Lets call this the main screen.

Pick option3 on the main screen. This will open a new screen with 4 options, the sub screen.

Pick option 4 to remove, when finished press esc. once.

You are now back to the main screen. Pick option3 again.

This will take you back to the sub screen. Pick option 3 this time and remove. press esc. once.

You are back to the main screen again pick option 3.

Back to the sub screen, option 2 this time. When finished. Press esc once.

Yes you have guessed right. Back to the main screen and option3.

You are back to the sub screen again now option1. When done esc. once.

The above will clean the hard drive ready for rebuilding.

You are back the main screen now.

To build pick option1 main screen and option1 subscreen. If you want just one disk with out partitions, pick 100% and make it active.

This will take a little while. When all is done. You can reboot with the 98 disk in and format it ready for the windows installation.

The thing to remember with fdisk is.

To get rid. Main screen no3 and then keep descending from option 4 to option 1 on the sub screen.

to rebuild. Main screen no1 and go upwards option 1 to option 4 on the sub screen.

  bof:) 13:37 17 Jul 2003

hi All,

thanks everyone for the help it is greatly appreciated.


  woodchip 16:01 17 Jul 2003

Did anything work

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