Problem installing USB Wireless Adapter

  Swannery 10:07 25 Oct 2006

Have recently subscribed to BT Broadband with wireless hub/router. Everything has been set up correctly and I can acces the internet via a wired connection from my desktop PC that runs XP. However, I can't install the BT Voyager 1055 USB Wireless adapter onto the PC.
Running the adapter's installation CD is OK until it asks me to attach the adapter to a spare USB port. When I do this, the 'Found New Hardware' wizard pops up and this subsequently fails to find the software. I've uninstalled & re-installed but this hasn't made any difference.
I've tried this process on 2 other XP machines owned by friends and the installation completed successfully.
I'm sure there's a simple explanation but I can't seem to find it. Any help would be appreciated.

  Danoh 19:44 25 Oct 2006

Are you trying to get the same desktop PC which is wired to your wireless router, to work wirelessly instead after the network has been setup?
If so, I presume you have disconnected the desktop from the wireless router 1st, before running the USB adapter's installation CD?

  Swannery 08:51 26 Oct 2006

You are correct in saying that, having established a wired connection to the BT hub to set up the security etc, I've disconnected so that a wireless service can be started. This should be easy as it only involves loading the Wireless Adapter installation disk and allowing the software and drivers to download to the PC's hard drive. You then attach the USB adapter and allow the New Hardware Wizard to set the drivers etc using the downloaded software. However, on my PC, this last step doesn't happen. The wizard reports a failure to find the software. I've checked the c: drive and found the folder in Program Files that contains the BT software. I just can't understand why the wizard can't find it. Strictly speaking, this isn't a network problem but I just wondered whether anyone had come across this irritation with this particular wireless adapter.

  dms05 14:19 26 Oct 2006

I've a Netgear USB WiFi dongle. The instructions for that said 'install the software before you place the dongle in a USB port for the first time'. The software the dongle is looking for isn't the BT software but the <inf> file for the dongle. That will be somewhere like C:/Windows/Inf and will place the drivers in C:/Windows/System32.

  Swannery 13:45 27 Oct 2006

Danoh & dms05 - thanks for your replies. You helped me to narrow down the possibilities. Having run the installation disk to copy the software onto my hard drive, I was able to find the drivers in a folder called BT Wireless in Program Files. I ran the New Hardware wizard manually and pointed it directly at the folder. Bingo! But I still don't understand why my PC would not do the installation process automatically. It does so on other PCs.

  Danoh 18:03 27 Oct 2006

Well done Swannery! You are being too kind with your thanks as I hardly helped!
Its quite common that BT, AOL, NTL installation programs do not follow standard Windows file paths/locations.
If they did, the Windows Wizards would have been able to find what they need in their expected default folders.

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