problem with installing of Service Pack 3 for WXP

  pulteny 00:51 23 Aug 2008

I downloaded SP3 for Windows XP installed it on my Hewlett-Packard PC no problems. However I have an aunt who is a silver surfer, I thought it would be a good idea to install it for her on a Dell PC which I knew had service packs 1&2.I had the program on a formatted RWCD which was used for my installation so no problems there.

During the installation on my PC the Wizard created a restore point as had I therefore on her PC I did not bother, first mistake. The installation process was about three quarters of the way complete when a warning came up"a file is open or being used by a running program shut down all running programs and continue".I did ctrl+alt+ delete and the only one I could see was the SP3 installation program? I tried to get the thing to continue but in frustration eventually pressed the cancel tab. The operating system was unhappy and told me that windows might not work properly if I continued, as I was already between a rock and a hard place bit the bullet and sat and waited as the system began unloading files. Eventually all appeared ok and I did a hot boot and every thing seemed to work as it should. However every time the computer starts up a grey box appears and a file gets what appears to be unloaded?

My aunt has broadband connected by a wired network from the modem router. Could this network card be what was using the file, as it was running at the time. The only solution I can think of is to complete the installation of SP3. How can I ensure that nothing is running that will affect the operation of the installation Wizard?

  brundle 01:05 23 Aug 2008

Do a clean boot. click here

  brundle 01:06 23 Aug 2008

Also hit F8 at boot up and choose Last Known Good Configuration to restore things before trying a re-install.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:16 23 Aug 2008

Install in safemode

  pulteny 11:42 25 Oct 2008

I thought a formatted cd/dvd by INcd4(nero)was the best since sliced bread.A recent crash on Win98se sent me looking above."Isobuster & Powerdata recovery"could find price in $ so a no no. Any one out there know where in Sterling or other software.

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