problem installing o/s on a newly formatted h/d

  pc mad 13:51 29 Mar 2003

hi, i am having problems installing xp on to a newley formatted hard drive, i have gone in to the bios and set it to boot from the cd rom drive,saved the settings but when the pc reboots with the xp cd it comes up "boot from cd rom failure" and it is left at the c:\ >prompt command, i have a start up floppy for me , is it possible to use this? and how please? any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

  Megatyte 14:07 29 Mar 2003

set it back how it was it should try to boot from each drive in turn(press enter at invalide system disk message)until it reads cd.If it does ent set cd for second boot after hdd.

  pc mad 14:39 29 Mar 2003

hi, i set bios to c,a,scsi and then c,cdrom,a, still wont access cd rom drive

  Megatyte 14:49 29 Mar 2003

Boot up from the floppy and select Start with CD Support. Take note of the drive letter assigned to your CD drive. Switch to this drive, and type setup (XP disk loaded, of course) and hit enter.


  pc mad 15:18 29 Mar 2003

hi i booted up from a floppy and when i press set up , message comes up "this program can not be run in dos mode" it told me my cd rom drive was e, did i have to type set up as e:\> setup ???

  cream. 16:47 29 Mar 2003

No it will not do this as " e:\> setup" is a dos command.

What you will have to concentrate on is why it will not boot from the cd. When you switch the machine on is the cdrom showing up on the bootup screen. i.e. when primary slave or secondary slave or master are listed. Have you had a good look at the windows disk are they any smudge marks there, have you cleaned it?

The other thing to consider is how did you format the disk. Did you fdisk it or format from a floppy or through windows. Did it complete the tasks?

  Forum Editor 16:58 29 Mar 2003

a desktop PC or a laptop?

You should be able to set the CD ROM as first boot device in the BIOS, and provided there is a boot sector on the WinXP CD (which there is) the drive will run the disk configuration wizard in DOS. From that you can partition the drive and format your partitions with whatever file system you choose.

If you can get to a command prompt, try typing the E:\setup command.

  woodchip 17:07 29 Mar 2003

No the machine is an old computer that's why it will not boot from CD. You should use a Win98 startup disk for it to be able to recognise the CD rom drive

  AndySD 17:11 29 Mar 2003

click here for the xp floppy boot. you will need 6 floppys.

  AndySD 17:14 29 Mar 2003

otherwise boot into DOS

E: Changes to your CD-ROM Drive, substitute E


CD\I386 (Changes to your Windows XP Setup folder)

CHECK: The prompt should now look like this: E:\I386>


WINNT (Starts the DOS Installation program.)

  pc mad 20:47 31 Mar 2003

just like to thank every one who offered me advice on my problem, i made 6 floppy boot up disks for xp and have seccessfully installed xp now, once again thank you every one

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