Problem with installing new Windows 7

  erkmatrix 14:44 26 Dec 2009

Hi I'm trying to load windows 7 home premium. When I opened it it says it is OEM System Builder Pack and intended for system builders. I didn't see this when I bought it or what the difference is. Anyway I want a clean install of windows 7 as I have windows XP on it so I went in the Bios to tell it to load from CDrom. It begins ok with saying windows is unloading files then next step it flashes a blue screen at me with STOP 0x00000005C (0x0000010B, 0x00000003 and more 0s after this.

The disc of windows 7 says its genuine and was bought from a major computer retailer so it must be legit.

Any ideas why it does this, is it a hardware conflict or a faulty windows 7 disc.

I've recently installed a Intel X25-M 80GB and all seemed to go fine with this, this is what I want my new windows 7 on currently its windows xp home on my 300gb velociraptor.

Current setup

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0 GHz 4Mb Cache
6Gb Corsair Memory DDR 800
VelociRaptor 300 GB
8025-C43 Midi
Atrix 720Watt Silent Dual Fan
768Mb Nvidia 8800GTX graphics card DX10
QC - Gigabyte N680iSLI-DQ6-1333fsb-DDR1066x4 SLI (Dual graphics)
DVD+/- RW - 18X Samsung Lightscribe
X-Discovery Case
windows 7 64bit premium

  User-1229748 15:28 26 Dec 2009

a google of "intel x25-m 80gb blue screen on windows 7 installation" seems to indicate alot of problems linked to that drive and nvidia.not alot of help i'm afraid but may be worth a read.

  erkmatrix 15:51 26 Dec 2009

I haven't installed or even told windows which drive to install on yet though it just said from the boot that it was unloading files then it blue screen comes up.

I think people did have some windows 7 problems with the first generation of the drive but the drive I bought is second generation so it should be ok.

  erkmatrix 09:26 27 Dec 2009

God am I sick of PCs, they just don't work. I managed to install my old windows xp 64 bit on my new ssd drive and thought it might just simply clean upgrade it to the windows 7 when I inserted the new disk all was going ok until it automatically restarted after its first installation restart and then it comes up with the same blue disk.

why do computers have to be so irratating, so looks like I've either got a faulty disk or my computer isn't good enough for windows 7 and I'll have to buy a new one.

  Blackadderthe4th 11:01 27 Dec 2009

Are OEM disks not only for specific computers? (Original Equipment Manufactures) Although under certain conditions it can get a bit confusing but with a systems disk I suspect it is meant only to work with a certain type manufactures computer. Where did you get it from? That might be a clue!

  erkmatrix 11:10 27 Dec 2009

I got it from here click here It was an online special for £67.

I thought oem would work for all though if bought from a retailer like this, there's no mention about it really though on the description.

I don't get it if its a hardware conflict cause it works fine with 64bit XP.

  canarieslover 11:25 27 Dec 2009

Have you tried it with a clean disk? Is it detecting a version of Windows and refusing to load because it is not an upgrade version of W7? Just suggestions to try to eliminate problem.

  erkmatrix 11:35 27 Dec 2009

right I'll format my new ssd drive again and unplug my raptor drive with my windows xp home on so it won't detect any OS.

I'll return to tell you what happened, cheers

  I am Spartacus 12:10 27 Dec 2009

You could try installing 7 to a mechanical hard drive, create a disk image with something like Acronis and then copy the image on to the SSD.

I didn't think you could upgrade from XP to 7?

  erkmatrix 12:41 27 Dec 2009

Just tried it and no it still gives the blue screen without a OS detected.

Also though weirdly I thought I'd try to see if it was the new ssd drive causing a confliction and not with that unplugged it loads the windows 7 start giving me a choice of windows 7 or older version. which is strange cause I attempted to install windows 7 on my ssd drive then formatted it, so can anyone explain how it still can come up with the windows start. Does it install some of the files not on a hard drive. how do I completely get rid of it.

It isn't meant to be the upgrade version actually but you can I think upgrade from XP but it just needs to copy over XP so you lose everything whilst with Vista you can keep your files.

  User-312386 13:37 27 Dec 2009

Ok here is what to do, go into the bios, ensure your cd rom is first boot drive, now ensure your ssd is set as 1st hard drive, save changes and exit bios and it should fire into windows 7 set up. An OEM means that the operating system can only be installed on one system and when that system dies, the version of windows dies with it.

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