problem installing motherboard

  pc mad 12:24 31 May 2004

hello every one, i bought my self a second user mother board and cpu, jetway 830ch sis chipset mb with a amd duron 1.2 ghz cpu, i have installed it in my pc when i boot up i get a blue screen with error msg saying "a problem has been detected and computer has shut down to prevent damage to you computer" i cant get beyond this point, i have gone in to the bios made sure the hard drives were detected ok, and i even cleared the cmos, error came back "cmos memory incorrect" do you want to reset original setting so i oked that and im back to the blue error screen, i also have the same problem installing my old md and cpu in my girl friends pc, can any one advise me please, thanks

  ste_bla 12:44 31 May 2004

Do you get any beeps when you turn it on?

And have you installed a heatsink properly?

  keith-236785 12:50 31 May 2004

you dont say what your old motherboard was, but i would guess it was a VIA chipset. windows is telling you that the wrong drivers are installed and it will not continue.

come back and tell us which windows you are using, and if you are willing to format your system to solve your problem?

  pc mad 13:14 31 May 2004

hi, if i can remember rightly i would get one beep, then shortly after two more , the heat sink was all ready installed on the cpu , the person i bought it from tells me it came from a working system,my old mb was a mercury 740 sis chipset with on board 2200 amd duron cpu which actually runs at 850mhz,i am using windows xp pro, i would like to get it running with out formating but if that is the only way then so be it, the mb never came with any drivers so none were installed

  keith-236785 13:59 31 May 2004

windows xp does not like a big change in hardware. motherboard proc and memory to winxp is a new computer.

you will have to do a repair of xp, but i cant remember how to start it.

i do know you have to insert your winxp cdrom, restart your pc and somewhere on booting you start the repair. it is not on the screen where it says press xyz to repair xp, you continue to the next screen and then press something like (shift+F5) but i cannot remember. hopefully someone else will jump on here that can remember.

  keith-236785 14:06 31 May 2004

one beep on start up is normal, you need to find out what the other beeps signify. the motherboard manual or web site will have (or should) a list of beep codes and their meanings though i wouldnt expect too much from jetway, their support is terrible.

  keith-236785 14:13 31 May 2004

click here for the manual download, though the 830ch is not listed, the 830cn is. might help.

good luck

  keith-236785 14:16 31 May 2004

you will need to click on the left hand side,

product/download area/mainboard/manual/sis, then scroll down to the entry for the 830cn, take note of the message at the top of the page about the problem with the ftp service.

  Terry Brown 14:24 31 May 2004

If you cannot start your computer (How are you reading this ?)using the XP CD Rom, You have 2 choices.. 1-- go to click here and download the XP boot files onto a hard drive and using 6 floppies create a boot system and this will enable you to re-load XP,hopefully fixing your problem, The other option is only available if you are using a FAT filing system (XP normally uses NTFS). Obtain a Win98 Boot Disk (from above web site), Boot to DOS, and either try to save your working files to other media or /and boot from your XP CD to re-load all system files. Assuming it is not a hardware problem, at best your ststem will work OK, at worst you will need to do a complete Format and start again

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