Problem with Images on Tripod

  gplatt2000 22:52 31 May 2004

Hi all. I have an image hosted on Tripod, which a site uses to create code for me for a backkground image (I wont get into all that - basically I have an image which I want to link to and be displayed).

The image works fine when I click onto it through the Tripod File Manager, and also when I copy+pastethe address into the addy bar in explorer.

However, when the site tries to nlink t it, all that shows is an image from tripod saying 'Image hosted by Tripod'.

Does anyone know why this is, or how I can stop it? Or is it just a 'feature' of Tripod's hosting?

I think when I post the link to the image on here the same happens, just a tripod image, so here we go - click here

thanks a lot for any help

  Charence 23:00 31 May 2004


How are you linking it? Are you including "click here...." If so, Tripod may assume you are hotlinking which is not allowed. Try to make the link just "image.gif" if it is in same directory.

Can you provide a link to your website?

Charence - Tripod Superuser!

  gplatt2000 23:13 31 May 2004

Sorry Im not exactly sure what you mean. What does 'hotlinking' mea? And the site is just one I have made for a friend (click here), and I'm just using it to host these images so I can test if the thing I'm doing works before it al goes online with a 'proper' host.

If it is any help - the site is '', and the image I am trying to link to is in the directory 'template', and entitled '3.gif'

This makes the addy - and Im hoping this wont make PCA do the 'click here' thing - "'

Note - ive only done 'htp:' rather than the proper 'http://' to try and stop a 'click here' appearing as Im not sure how it's done

Sorry if I'm not being very clever here, and I hope this helps you

  Taran 23:43 31 May 2004

Most web hosts disallow hot linking to files held on their servers.

This is how it works.

Host A has a file on it.

Host B has your website on it.

A page on your site links from its home on Host B back to the file on Host A.

Host A disallows access to the file for a number of reasons, but one of the main ones is possible bandwidth theft or illegal linking into one sites content from another site.

To put it another way, a lot of people might like an image on my site and decide to include its address into their own web page. Every time a visitor requests their page, it costs me my bandwidth and breaks my copyright in the process when my image loads into their site.

The majority of commercial web hosts have strict rules and regulations governing hotlinking or any external linking to any file. In fact, if you check the small print on most web hosts acceptable use policy this is normally mentioned and failure to comply can have your account suspended instantly with no recourse on your behalf.

Without these measures there would be nothing stopping me from having pictures from NASA loading in my web pages and I wouldn't even have the images on my site. NASA would be paying for their transfer every time my page loads and I would be breaking half a dozen laws in the process.

  gplatt2000 23:49 31 May 2004

Ah thanks a lot for that Taran, great help as usual! Hmm looks like I might have to buy a host sooner than I thought.

Actually, just thinking about it, wuold this stop the problem? Im proabbly going to be getting a Web-Mania account, and hav my site along with those images, hosted on it. However, the site I'm making is actually an affiliate site, and uses code generated by the 'mother-site', to display products on my site. It is this code that links to the images in order to display them as a background for their product. So would Web-Mania stop even this from happenning?

thanks again everyone

  Charence 23:59 31 May 2004

would it be possible to give me a link to the page the image is on?

Replace existing image code with this:

<img src="/template/3.gif">

If you include the http:// Tripod will assume you are linking from another server which is not allowed.


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