problem with hotmail and windows messenger

  chrisjohn 14:57 26 Jan 2008

ok even tho i have read my mail msn still shows unread mail is their a fix for this.

  chrisjohn 15:00 26 Jan 2008

i am using latest version of msn live

  hastelloy 15:32 26 Jan 2008

but I'm getting the same problem. Messemger is also logging out and telling me I've logged on on another computer - very irritating. Logging out and in again solves the unread message problem though!!

  MAT ALAN 15:38 26 Jan 2008

something to do with the mail counter being stuck which is more to do with the messenger server rather than anything on your PC, other forums suggest it does clear itself...

  chrisjohn 17:00 26 Jan 2008

ok thanx

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