Problem in Home Page with Font and data!

  Sabi 00:06 06 Jul 2008


I use windows XP, AOL 9VR, AVG 8

I’ve been having problem with AOL home page in 2 of my computers! The font is micro small with data showing over pictures! I am not sure if you can see what I see through the link bellow:

click here

AOL has given me some instructions to follow including AOL "Quick Restore", which did not help. The font in AOL is set to medium and the resolutions in windows is 96. I do not have this problem in Windows Explorer, only in AOL.

I will be grateful for any advice for how to sort this problem.

Many thanks


  Sabi 00:09 06 Jul 2008

I just tested the link in my text after posting. Surprisingly it showed all data in normal size which is not what I see in AOL home page!!


  Sabi 13:58 06 Jul 2008

Hi Marg7;

Thank you so much for your reply. I followed what "buteman" suggested to "Bradafc" through the link you kindly sent and it worked!!!! :-D
It is amazing how a simple step can solve the annoying problems!

Many thanks again :-)


  Sabi 18:07 06 Jul 2008

Hi Marg7

I just tried the same technic in my laptop which has the same problem with micro font size, but it didn't work!!! I even restored AOL which also didn't make a difference:-(

Could it because I use IE 6 and not IE 7 (in my PC) which worked for font size??

Many thanks

Windows XP, IE 6, AOL 9, AVG 8

  Sabi 19:21 07 Jul 2008


Thank you for your reply and the link.

After 8 times changing the font to medium and large in IE, I managed to get the font back to readable size! Nevertheless the same problem happened again in my PC, which was sorted!!

You are right, it is damn AOL causing all of these. I guess I can change my home page to Yahoo, MSN or others but I am worried to loose the quick way in to my e-mail’s, as I have to access it by signing to AOL from a new home page!! Unless there is way around it which I am not aware of!


  Sabi 10:49 08 Jul 2008

Marg 7;

I use Windows XP SP2, AOL (9 in laptop 9VR in PC), IE (6 in laptop and 7 in PC), AVG 8 (anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall)
I don‘t know much about computers :-(
If there is a link I could use with which the instructions are given for "how to uninstall AOL browser and use IE to set AOL mail or main page as my homepage", I will give it a go as I am not confident enough to try it on my own :-(

Many thanks again


  Sabi 16:40 08 Jul 2008

Hi Marg7;

Thank you again for your help :-)

Sorry my mistake; I do know how to uninstall programs through Add/Remove programs; I remember once I had to uninstalled AOL for a reason but I couldn’t access the Internet through IE!
Even now that I have AOL, it is impossible to access the Internet through IE without signing on to AOL first!
May be if I was wireless I could do that but I use USB modem :-(

Many thanks


  Sabi 11:59 09 Jul 2008

Hi Marg7;

Many thanks for all your help. I will certainly give it a go to create a new connection myself :-)

However a month ago AOL created DialBB for me over a "phone technical help" as I kept loosing the connection to Internet especially when the computer was left inactive. In DialBB properties the type of connection is set for PPPoE
I don't have much knowledge about computers but I keep thinking with USB modem I shouldn't be using "Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet" connection. Or am I thinking completely wrong!


  Sabi 12:01 09 Jul 2008

I forgot to mention that I am still loosing connection to Internet more often especially when I leave the computer on inactive!!

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