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  algray 22:56 07 May 2007

I have a Biostar K8NHA Grand motherboard in my Desktop PC and lately booting has been more problematic and the system will often hang and switch off without shutting down, if it boots at all.

Often the power led will go off, even though the PC is still running. I regularly get Floppy Disk fail warnings during the POST. I've tried unplugging various components with little success.

At one stage, the onboard network card was not working. Lately after pressing the power switch the system can be unresponsive and then switch on after 10-15 seconds.

So, faulty;

a) PSU
b) Motherboard
c) Floppy
d) Processor
e) Other component, if so, which could possible cause this behaviour?

Any thoughts?

  Technotiger 22:58 07 May 2007

Hi, suspect PSU.

  Technotiger 23:01 07 May 2007

Though it could be any of the other items mentioned, plus RAM sticks not seated properly or covered in dust!

I would check PSU - Floppy (especially cable) - RAM sticks - Processor (possibly overheating/dust clogged) - Mobo .... in that order.

  algray 23:34 07 May 2007

Reseated RAM
Processor reseated with a good clean of fan and removal of dust
Floppy cable checked

All back in - hit the power button and.... nothing. Then, just as I'm banging my head on the desk, it powers up about 20-25 seconds after I last hit the power button.

Off to Maplin for a new PSU tomorrow morning.

  Technotiger 06:50 08 May 2007

When you reseated the CPU, did you use Thermal Paste?

click here

  Technotiger 06:53 08 May 2007

Also when you go for your new PSU it is a good idea to take the old one with you - you will then be sure that the new one will be the correct type and physical size, maybe a good idea to get a higher wattage too.

Good luck anyway.

  €dstowe 07:04 08 May 2007

Those symptoms are characteristic of a dying PSU.

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