problem with hard drives

  treefingers 22:19 30 Dec 2006

hello and thanks in advance for any help with this problem.
I have recently reinstalled my machine with x.p.home, and i have two drives in my machine a 60 Gb, and a 250Gb for storage. I have installed the xp on the 60 and started the pc and all is well. I then went to "manage" and my 250 disc is there in the manage section but i cant access it on "my computer". the message i get is "do you want to format this drive" and i dont want to loose the stuff on it as i have a lot upon the disc. any help would be great thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:48 30 Dec 2006

Type of drives?

If both IDE make sure second is set as slave on its jumpers.

Access Files
If you get Access Denied in WinXP Pro. Try “taking ownership” of the file/folder before it can be accessed. First of all go to Folder Options, View Tab and in the Advanced Settings at the end, untick “Use simple file sharing”, which will allow the Security Tab to be shown in the file’s properties. Also, in Folder options, make sure hidden and system files can be viewed.

To take ownership of the file (it’s best done at the folder level), right-click it, Properties, Security Tab, add your user name, fill in all the permissions and Apply. You can now access it.
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  UncleP 03:33 31 Dec 2006

There is some information on the Disk Management page which is useful in ruling out some fairly basic problems. There is a list of the memory devices detected at the top, including HDs, CD/DVDs etc. Check that, in the entry for the 250Gb disk, the file system is as expected, that the disk status is 'healthy', and it has been assigned the correct letter ie D: or whatever.

Below this are separate panels for each memory device found numbered from 0 (zero) upwards - disk 0 being that carrying the OS. On the LHS the last entry under 'Disk n' for the 250Gb disk should read 'OnLine'.

If all entries are correct, these problems can be ruled out; if not, please post the entries found.
(By the way, the invitation to format the drive is misleading - don't do it, for heaven's sake!)

  ashdav 03:40 31 Dec 2006

I know it's a bit late for you now but if you have to do this again do the install of Windows with the 250Gb drive disconnected.
Connect it up when you are finished then it will be detected as new hardware.
I don't know why XP does this but it's the workaround I have found that works.

  treefingers 21:06 31 Dec 2006

I have a hi-grade Notino 5515 and the inverter has stopped working or so i think (VERY dim screen and everything else working) out of warranty and all that business. anyway my question is this, Where oh where can i get the screen fixed as the laptop is fine just this screen problem. (i have tried hi-grade and they wont do it oiut of warranty)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:27 01 Jan 2007
  treefingers 19:08 15 Jan 2007

hello there i have been asking this same question before but now i have had to come on again about the sane thing sorry.

ok here we go then. I have had to re-install windows for the umpteenth time now and when i do this the pc will not recognise the 250Gb disc only the OS disc. I have been into disc management and it states on volume "partition BAsic healthy (active) for the 250Gb disc (now232Gb) free space 232 GB - 100%free no fault tolerance 0% overhead.

under this in the panels it states "Disc 1 Basic, 232Gb Online" then the big panel "(E:)- 232Gb - Healthy (active)
I cant access any files on the disc and i cant explore/open or even see whats on the thing. LAst time i formatted the disc losing over 60Gb of data and important things but this time i cant afford to do this, can some one please help me !!!

  UncleP 03:00 17 Jan 2007

First, the difference between the nominal disk capacity (250Gb) and that reported by the OS (232Gb) is due to the fact that disk manufacturers use a decimal system ie 1kb = 1000 bytes, while computers use a binary system ie 1 kb = 1024 bytes. At the Gb level, this is a difference of about 7%. So nothing has changed, it's just the way it's expressed.

Assuming that the file system given in the disk management panel is either FAT32 or NTFS, the information you give indicates that the OS is aware of the 250Gb disk, thinks it is ok (healthy), but doesn't think there is any data on it. What happens if you write or copy a file to this disk? Do you get an error message or, if not, can you see the file or any change in the disk contents or capacity?

The other (and probably better) approach, since it doesn't involve writing to a disk in a questionable state, is to use a disk recovery utility to do a sector-by-sector search. Some of these will pick up deleted files and even material from a re-formatted disk. There have been recommendations for such utilities on this forum in the past.

Good luck!

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