Problem WIth Hard drive/ Cd Drive/ Ide Lead

  HydroJohn 11:32 20 Jun 2009

:D First of all,

I have an advent t9004,

this originally came with a sata hard drive, but when the computer crashed, i took this out, and plugged in a standard hard drive with the "ide lead" Now the advent t9004 has only 1 ide input on the motherboard, so i had to disconnect, the the cd drive...... now i need to use the cd drive, i have put the cd drive on " slave" and got a slave lead, so i plugged the ide lead into the motherboard, then the middle part(which im guessing as the slave) into the cd drive, then the end part into the hard drive, now my computer wont load up xp i have checked in the bios, and its not even showing my hard drive or cd drive ! ..... where did i go wrong? And yes all 3 items work ( ide lead, hard drive, cd drive)


  baldydave 11:43 20 Jun 2009

Am i correct to think you are using just 1 ide cable?
if so take the ide cable sometimes the end which goes to the motherboard is coloured differently,if not lay cable down and there will be two connections closer together,these go to the drives.
Put the hard drive on the end connector and set drive clip/jumper to master then the cd rom on the other and set drive clip to slave,try restart and check bios to see if they are found.
If they are not found try setting BOTH drive clips to cable select(cs).

  baldydave 11:47 20 Jun 2009

Also go into the bios and make sure the pc is booting off the correct drive,press Del or f2 key to enter setup on bios screen, black screen with white writing(look for to enter setup press ** key)

  ened 11:50 20 Jun 2009

Does it boot okay if you disconnect the CD drive?

  HydroJohn 12:23 20 Jun 2009

yes it boots fine with out the cd drive, and yes i have only 1 ide lead, will try these suggestions after lunch, and yes the ide lead is colour coded !

  DieSse 14:13 20 Jun 2009

Assuming your IDE cable is an 80-wire cable (40 wire cables are slightly different in that they can't use Cable Select) -

If you set the drive jumpers explicitly to Hard Drive as Master - CD as Slave - THEN it doesn't matter which drive goes on which connector.

If you set BOTH drive jumpers to Cable Select - THEN the end connector will be the Master, and the middle one the Slave.

Note - in all cases, the edge of the cable which has a red stripe of some kind, always should be next to the power connector on the devices.

  DieSse 14:17 20 Jun 2009

Note that ideally you should not mix hard Drives and Optical drives on the same cable - their interfaces may in some respects be different and cause issues.

And - CD/DVD writers are usually suggested to be connected as Master, and they may have issues when connected as Slave.

  woodchip 14:21 20 Jun 2009

It is a Jumper Problem you have got do the Above

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