Problem: Graphics card & the Dell Dimension 5150

  the3musketeers 16:38 01 Aug 2007

Hi all.

I'm currently running a Dell Dimension 5150 which had a ATI Radeon X300 SE (128MB (Hypermemory)) graphics card in it. I decided to buy a new graphics card, and, on asking a friend what I should buy and is compatible, he told me about the ATI Sapphire X1950 GT (256mb).

I bought the card and it arrived yesterday.

This is where the problem starts. I replaced my original card with this newer model. On actually fitting it into the case, I located the apparently only spare power cord from the PSU - and it doesn't match the attachment from the wires I plugged into the card... It says clearly on the front when opening the package it needs to be plugged into the PSU (even though my original was not). I decided to give it a bash anyway and after checking the card was firmly in the correct slot and that my DVI-to VGA adapter was snugly in its hole and that the VGA lead and head were properly attached, I reconnected the PSU power cable and all the other lines and hit the power switch.

As you might have guessed the computer booted, the monitor power button light went green then straight away yellow. I thought that no power was being given to the graphics card and my heart sank, when i suddenly realised I could hear the cards heatsink working. This has caused me a bit of confusion...

Is the card just not compatible with one or more of my computers parts? Is it that I need to find a special adapter for the PSU plug to get power (I would then assume that a little bit of power was getting to it - but because it was insufficient the heatsink took priority)? Will I have to talk to Dell and possibly call out a technician at all (I've heard that Dell sometimes make it so that you need one of their "special" technicians to do the job for you because they make their parts in a certain way). Is it that the card got zapped by me or enroute to me (I thought I grounded myself efficiently before starting, didn't feel a shock at all when ever touching it and I clearly heard the heatsink on both occasions I attempted to get it to work)?

Just for your information this is my first time ever doing anything with computer hardware (except your headset and keyboard and mic etc etc) and my first time opening the case of this computer.

Has anyone had experiences like mine with Dell computers, specifically the Dimension 5150 or with this particular card and did they find a solution? Or has anyone got any advice or clues on what to do or what is the cause?

I personally suspect it's the PSU needs attaching, but if so - will I be able to find an adapter so that my new card and current PSU will connect?

Thanks in advance,

PS. I hope this gives you enough information, if not just ask and I'll try and find out whatever about my computer / card / what I did.

  acxxxx 17:43 01 Aug 2007

You can

click here

  the3musketeers 17:49 01 Aug 2007

Sorry - is that "You can buy an adapter so that the card and PSU will connect"?

Thanks for the reply.

  acxxxx 18:00 01 Aug 2007

Sorry, yes you can get the adapter

I think the ATI Sapphire X1950 GT takes a 6 pin PCI Express unless you have one coming from the psu you will have to get the adaptor (you could replace the psu if you like - if you think it may be under powered).

  the3musketeers 18:00 01 Aug 2007

Thanks very much mate.

Best regards.

  acxxxx 18:05 01 Aug 2007

Did an adptor come with the card?

  the3musketeers 18:48 01 Aug 2007

uhhh... nope, it didn't

  acxxxx 19:23 01 Aug 2007

Cables should fit snug into thier connecters, if it looks wrong it probably is. I can only think you have tried to fit an old 4pin (for powering the hard drive DVD Rom etc) into a 6 pin pci-e.

  the3musketeers 19:47 01 Aug 2007

Yeah, basically, I think I need that adapter - personally I cannot think of anything else - and there appears to be a socket that's white which looks like it will take it.

  acxxxx 20:03 01 Aug 2007

The other problem is that the majority of the adapters prefer two spare 4 pin connectors from the psu (the card draws allot of power) and you say you only have one.

So don’t get an expensive one - it may not be the best answer to your problem.

Most new psu's come with a pci-e connector.

If you have something like a 300w psu in the Dell you may need to get a 450-500w anyway to make best use of the card.

  acxxxx 20:15 01 Aug 2007

I did see this one, at 93p it could be worth a try
just to see.

click here

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