problem - gif image 1x1 pixels

  naggis 14:54 14 Sep 2007

When I try to access some websites using a hyperlink, a blank page results with the headline
"Click (GIF Image 1x1 pixels)
Has anyone any idea what this is and more importantly, how can it be fixed?
A search of the Net doesn't seem to give any possible solutions.
Has anyone else had this problem?

  naggis 14:57 14 Sep 2007

Forgot to say that I am using xp + sp2 and Kaspersky internet suite. Disabling Kaspersky does not solve the problem. Also, I have run loads of antispyware progs and they have found nothing. I have also clean reinstalled - the problem is still there!

  duckywucky 12:40 23 Sep 2007

I have had this problem since using Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 Trial version and have found the answer to be to use pause protection for 1 minute to get in to the blocked hyperlink.
Right click on Kaspersky icon in system tray.
Left click "Pause protection" & type 1 minute in the in box & click OK.
Once you get in to the hyperlinked website then click on resume protection or it will resume in 1 minute.
There may be a better solution but since Kaspersky won't help trial users then I shall have to use this method or try another security suite.
Have tried AVG but that slowed everything down to snail's pace and startup was a nightmare! I found Norton did not give enough protection & I had loads of viruses on my system. Apart from this one problem Kaspersky is smooth and effective.

  roycymru 22:56 27 Sep 2007

For me the solution was to turn off Antibanner in Kaspersky. In version 7 Double click on Kaspersky icon in Systray, under protection click on Firewall, under configure click on filtration rules and then untick "Enable Antibanner"

  Dream Theater 18:32 06 Jul 2009

I have had problems accessing some sites which shows (GIF Image 1x1 pixels) using Firefox. I also have Kaspersky Internet Security running. One of the sites I tried to access is I think Kaspersky blocked it because if you take away some of the letters at the beginning and end you get: adrunner. To unblock it without unblocking all adblocking. From the main Kaspersky window, Under Content Filtering, click on Banner Ad Blocker. Select Reports and Statistics. You will see a list of all the web pages which have been denied access. Right-click on the one which you want to allow and select Allow.

Hope this helps, it worked for me.

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